A Romantic Monday Poem – Poetic Duet With Myss Jaynie Kat – “Citron Dreams”

Hello everyone.

I’ve been hard at it again and it pleases me greatly to find out that Mr Edward Hotspur is hosting another one of his Romantic Monday soirées.

Firstly, if you haven’t read his superb poem, then here it is:-

Edward Hotspur – Moon Lake Midnight

So, what have I been hard at you may ask?

Well, I’ll tell you because I like you.
Well, some of you.
Well, one of you.
If you buy me dinner 🙂

So, I have had a wonderful time conjuring up more words with Myss Jaynie Kat, a poetic goddess who has made this collaboration an effortlessly rewarding experience.

Please take time to read her poetry here, it is both breathtakingly powerful and stunningly sensual:-

Myss Jaynie Kat

And now, on with the show – grab your partner and dine on the opulence of these words as they transport you to the town known simply as “Romanceville.”

(Where’s it’s always hot and steamy and the good times flow!)

Romantic Monday - Edward Hotspur

Citron Dreams (by TooFullToWrite & Myss Jaynie Kat)

Citron dreams got me squeezed
All juiced up inside
Tangy, zingy, full of something
My heart’s pumping like a machine

Started so simplistically
Then I tasted
Sweet intensity
On your fingertips

Feeling kind of fruity, naughty
Creeping out on the vine
I’m taking my medicine
Softly layered
Sipping on the divine wine

Droplets form between us
Lips have tasted heaven

Cannot separate us easily
A candid concoction of minds
Dancing to this ritual
A savoriness that is sublime

Melded, merged, mixed
Forever intertwined
It’s perfect alchemy
From bitter to sweet
Wrong to right

A spring in our step
All the things the flowers said
The ripening of emotions
Spinning out of random threads

Palest pinks to crimson hues
Every thought revolves on you
Lay me on the sweetest bed
Trace my petals
Release my scent

An ornamental seed has been planted
An odour so full of jazzy notes
A whispered breathlessness
Textured, coaxed

Whispered words merge in the night
Bodies twist in pure delight
A fertile purpose takes root
Dreams blend into sweetest hues


5 thoughts on “A Romantic Monday Poem – Poetic Duet With Myss Jaynie Kat – “Citron Dreams”

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  2. This is cool David, you guys worked well together. What a poetry machine you are, and you have a different voice for each one! Quite the chameleon. Congrats. Forty.

    • Thanks Forty, always look forward to hearing your comments! It’s amazing isn’t it how different they turn out. I could happily keep doing them forever! Look forward to chatting to you again soon, take care. David

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