Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Think Before Choosing Pink”

Hello people of earth – hope you are all having a super weekend.

I wrote a piece of flash over at Circles Under Streetlights (http://circlesunderstreetlights.wordpress.com/) and I thought it was deliciously nutty enough to share with you on my blog.

The prompt was a woman waiting in the dark in a subway station.

And then out of nowhere, I suddenly thought of this:-

pics on Sodahead

Then this happened! Hope you enjoy it folkerinos!


Think Before Choosing Pink (by David Ellis)

At an abandoned subway station enshrouded in an air of desperation, dank darkness and possibly even rotting meat, Candice glanced at her watch nervously, waiting for nightfall to cloak her nefarious deal.

Candice did not have a need for money, now that she had successfully murdered her fifth husband and got away with it. She already had put her seventh child through college and had enough filthy lucre left over to buy a speedboat (a black one, with skulls, she had a thing for bikers. Who liked fishing).

The train approached but her rendezvous target was not on it. This perturbed her greatly, he had promised he would be there on the 8:08pm train, right after he had put his Mother to bed.

Puzzled, she bent down momentarily to take the pressure off her aching bunions when suddenly, out of nowhere, a bike messenger popped in, scaring her witless and dropped off a note to her.

After shaking her fist at his disappearing silhouette for several minutes, she unfolded the piece of paper and swallowing nervously, started to read.

Mouthing the words in abject horror, she began shrieking uncontrollably, screwed up the paper, hurling it in livid disgust and then hurled herself in the path of an oncoming train. The note, in its perpetuity had simply read:-

“Sorry I can’t be there to finalise the ‘paperwork’, it’s hard to get one of these through the books. I can’t get you one in black too, so it will have to be in pink, OK? I think the skulls make it look kind of cute. Can we meet Friday instead? Call me. Jerry.”

And to this day, this ghastly abomination sits cursed at Pier 34, waiting for an owner to claim her, an owner that will never come.

Remember – think when selecting pink – not all ladies want it.


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