Blog Update and New Debut Novel – “Crash” by Michael Robertson

Hello dearest colleagues and readers of the TooFullToWrite realm.

I am very excited to announce that my very good friend Michael Robertson has just released his debut novel on Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.

Michael writes dystopian sci-fi with superb visceral impact, his descriptions seize all of your senses and take them on a jarring, roller coaster ride of emotions.

You can find a description of his book and the relevant links to be able to buy it here:-

Crash by Michael Robertson

Michael is a fellow writer at my Writers’ Circle and a terrific author, he has been honing his craft for years and writes every day.

I am extremely excited to announce that we are both working on a joint novel together (I will still post stories and poetry on my blog when I can in the meantime though, so stay tuned for those).

This novel collaboration will be a detective noir tale set in the future.

It will include my trademark off-beat humor, which always tends to go down well and draws in a crowd (particularly people brandishing sedatives and strait-jackets at me for some reason).

Michael & I are also intending to launch a regular podcast session from next month where we will review Sci-Fi/Horror/Dystopian Films, TV shows, books and comic books, so look out for that too, if you happen to own a listening device and pair of ears.

Thank you for being part of my community and for taking the time to read my words, it means so much to me and I look forward to entertaining you soon!


P.S. My door is still always open to poetry collaborations. Got an idea for a poem? Then why not suggest it and write with me, all we need is a theme and the fun begins – tweet me on @TooFullToWrite or leave me a message here. Unleash your inner poet!


5 thoughts on “Blog Update and New Debut Novel – “Crash” by Michael Robertson

    • I agree Melanie. I used to not be that way but I like novels to have a nice cover and it’s really not that expensive to pay someone to do a good job, Michael is a great example of this, his cover looks amazing. I only tend to buy books with terrible covers off of friends but if you don’t know the person, it can be so influential, I feel like I am taking such a bigger risk with the artist. I often wonder if I would eat a nice delicious ice cream if someone then covered it in ash and bits of garbage and called it icecrap? Probably not! Trust me to come up with a food metaphor but then I am about to tuck into some Ben & Jerry’s soon!

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