Short Story Publication – “The Busker” starring TooFullToWrite!

Hello everyone.

I’ve just received some fantastic news!

Good Golly Miss Molly, I am so excited that I may just blow my top!

I’ve been published in a Short Story Collection that is now available on Amazon Kindle, along with the stories and poetry of some other charming people.

The Busker: A What the Dickens? Magazine Collection

This collection is called “The Busker” and all of the pieces are centred around either a singing busker or contain a musical theme.

My particular story is called “Prelude to Getting Led Out”, a minor comedic masterpiece that is chock full of instrumentally inspired phrases that I’m sure you will all love and cherish.

This story is not available on my blog and therefore is exclusive to this particular collection.

If you would like a copy (and are in the UK) then please click on the link below:-

The Busker – A What The Dicken’s Magazine Collection – UK Kindle Version

If you are in the US then you can buy the collection on

The Busker – A What The Dicken’s Magazine Collection – US Kindle Version

Thank you for reading and I really hope you enjoy the collection.

Until next time my friends.



21 thoughts on “Short Story Publication – “The Busker” starring TooFullToWrite!

  1. Congratulations! This is something to be truly proud of! I shall do the Happy Dance in your honor! You must be so excited! And just think, this is just the beginning of much more to come! 😀

    • Why thank you kindly Joanne – your Happy Dance is very much appreciated and it is indeed the best honour that anyone can bestow, although a Krispy Kreme donut comes close! First a poetry collection and now this, there is nothing quite like it and as you say there will be more to come! How about yourself, any published articles that I need to be aware of other than the ones on your blog?

      • nothing lately, my resume consists more along the lines of 5 cd’s worth of songs i wrote and sang, but i’m very determined with the writing thing, and when i set my mind to something….i’m stubborn 😀
        but i will be sure to let you know when (not if, but when) it happens 🙂

      • That’s really quite fascinating Joanne – I myself started out writing lyrics and trying to make music, sometimes there are too many words for the songs to contain and they have to be found a home elsewhere! I see you like Joss Whedon – isn’t that episode of Buffy when they are singing all the time (Once More With Feeling) the best piece of television/musical ever? You have a great attitude, I’m sure you will be published soon, just be confident in your work and submit to as many places as possible 🙂 Oh and your poetry rocks too

    • Thank you so much Melanie! It certainly has inspired me to write more for magazines and other submissions. Competitions are interesting but publications are so much more satisfying and there is probably a much higher chance that you will get in, since you usually aren’t fighting for just one slot/prize. Believe in yourself, get other people to critique/edit your work and you’ll quickly find yourself getting published. My Writers’ Circle helped me and I’m sure that you can find other like minded individuals. You just have to keep trying and you will succeed in the end. Carpe Diem!

      • this is the first time i have heard this advice. Actually I have submitted 17 short stories into Readwave. An editor, editor in training and other writers have critiqued my stuff.. I should concentrate on interacting more often.. THANK-YOU

  2. Hi Dave Very well done. Congratulations. Enjoy your poetry. Regards, Steve


    • Thank you Matt – very kind of you my boy, much appreciated. It certainly is great to be published externally by an independent publisher, I hope it to be the first of many. Keep writing mate and good things will come your way too, I guarantee it!

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