Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Traditional Reservations”

Hello my dear readers, great to connect with you all again.

I’m pretty happy right now to announce that not only have I passed a Financial Exam (so that’s taken some pressure of my wearisome work life) but I’ve managed to write the first draft of Episode One of my detective story that I’m writing with the great Michael Robertson.

(If you didn’t catch my last post about his debut novel then check it out here – Blog update and new debut novel Crash by Michael Robertson)

This is very important to me, since it is the first time I have written a story longer than three thousand words. With ten thousand words in the bag, first draft or not this thing is starting to take serious shape, gaining wings and picking up speed on the runway.

However, all work and no play makes for something, something – I feel like I need to give you gals and guys something, it has been a while and I don’t want you ending up like this!:-

[No TV and no beer make Homer do something something]

I have been meaning to do some more poetry and that will follow soon but I have something totally different in mind for now.

As I’ve been so inspired by listening to Tomahawk’s ‘Anonymous’ album many times, I’ve written you all a piece where we could escape into the world of a Native American Indian tribe. Why not listen to the album here and then buy if you like it, it is both eclectic and simply terrific:-

[‘Anonymous’ by Tomahawk]

And now for the story itself, I really hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment below, as they are always very much appreciated.


Traditional Reservations (By David Ellis)

“The role of a woman is not limited to remaining inside her home!” Anpaytoo grumbled.

She glared despondently into the cooking pot.

“I am his other half, I make him whole, I should be out there with him!”

“Hush now Anpaytoo.” Enapay the Brave, her father, sat cross legged meditating and waved his hand dismissively.

“But father, he has been gone for hours, what has become of him? Why will you not allow me to go to him? I am strong, capable, a warrior and a dedicated wife!”

Enapay chuckled.

“You are many things and have many talents my child. But you are also what the Sioux’s call ‘Teetonka’ – you talk too much about this. He was named Akecheta by his father because he is a great fighter. He can look after himself among the wasichu, the white man. Help your noble Akecheta by being a good wife to him, he will return soon, triumphantly bestowing pride upon our great tribe.”

Anpaytoo petulantly bit her lip and stroked the locket that had been given to her by Akecheta as a token of his affection. He had acquired it off an Englishman, in exchange for his own hard labour.

Akecheta told her he had worked for many weeks to afford it, such trinkets being hard to come by for their self-sufficient tribe.

“I must go and see him now!”Anpaytoo jumped up and headed for the door.

“Sit down Anpaytoo! Respect your elders, wait patiently for your husband and follow the Lakota ways.” Enapay glared at her and she shrank back into her seat like a wilting flower.

Had Anpaytoo stepped out of the tepee at that precise moment, she would have noticed the amber bracelet she exchanged with Akecheta at their wedding ceremony floating ominously down the communal river.

The bracelet was then swiftly followed by an ornate dagger, the markings on which were distinctly English in origin.

The river ran pearly pale pink for a few moments, just like the carnation Anpaytoo wore in her soft, delicate hair then it ran clear again and the dagger was gone.

“I miss him so much.” Anpaytoo stroked her belly thoughtfully. “Yet I feel he will always be here with me.”

“He will be here soon child, have a little faith.”

“Father, you know best I guess. This is the tribal way. I will wait for an eternity if I have to.”

He nodded sagely and smiled “The Lakota way.”

They didn’t have to wait an eternity for Akecheta to enter their lives again but by then time had healed past wounds and revenge was the last thing on their minds.

“What should we call him Father?”

“Takoda would be perfect child, for one side must always show peace and compassion, despite the past. He will make good friends and form strong alliances.”

Things would never be the same in their world but tradition would see them through.

Tradition is everything, especially when it comes to family.


9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Traditional Reservations”

  1. Welcome back my friend. 🙂

    wow! You know how to write a story. It amazes me how much you have grown as a writer throughout all this time that we’ve been good friends. 🙂
    I’m so proud of you sir. In my opinion you should copyright this (ASAP). I picture you being a producer/screenwriter for a movie. Congratulations my friends . 🙂

    I missed reading your work….So what did you think of the new album of tomahawk?

    • Hey there Charlie, great to here from you my friend.

      I read about your Chapbook and Open Mic nights – I’m very proud of you and your efforts, it takes a lot of courage to do these things and you have an abundance of it, that’s for sure.

      I’d like to write more work but my day job is very tiring, however I will pick up the pace again soon wherever there is time and opportunity available.

      I think the new Tomahawk album is really fantastic, I just have to stop comparing it to Anonymous, which I adore. Stone Letter is really catchy but I also really enjoy White Hats/Black Hats for Patton’s histrionics on it, it is definitely an album I want to listen to a hell of a lot more. Also, I just can’t get enough of Killing Joke at the moment too, particularly Trance & Fema Camp – so melodic yet so powerful too.

      • Awesome man thanks 🙂

        Say, I just posted my new poem in a long while. check it out if you get a chance. 🙂

        Yes, tomahawk and mike patton like always is a musical genius. The new album is perfect and very strange which by the way I like very much.

        Say, do you think mike should reunite (Mr. Bungle)? I miss them…:)

      • Hey there Charlie. I will check out your new poem, I look forward to reading it very much. I do think that Mr Bungle should reunite, just like Faith No More did recently, now that would be awesome beyond belief!

    • Thank you Violet, what a lovely welcome hearing from you 🙂 I may not comment every day but I still adore seeing your beautiful pictures on your blog and Malus with his sweet poses, they make me happy and always make me smile. Your art and creativity is both wonderful and inspiring, I will be sure to write more comments on your blog again soon! Have a great day.

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