Flash Fiction / Short Story – “All I Want For”

Hello dearest friends and colleagues.

Christmas is almost upon us and I wanted to share a piece of Flash Fiction that I wrote for my Writers’ Circle Christmas party – think of it as my Christmas gift to you because I love you all.

(And I’m too cheap and miserly to give you a proper present but don’t let that put you off)

The prompt was simply “All I Want For” and all I want for this Christmas is to raise a smile from you all as you raise your glass, alcholic beverage or not.

May you all eat, drink and be merry and here’s looking to writing many more pieces for you next year – that’s all I could ever wish for.

Happy reading folks.


Cocktail Vodka Cranberry by Clocksnmirrors - WikiCommons

“All I Want For” by David Ellis

I asked them why they felt this way – they said it didn’t matter.

To sugar coat it is to bury my true emotions. The succulent screams, echoes of past years and mistakes chilling my blood as if iced vodka were flowing full pelt through my veins.

I stood my ground. Valour and courage in the face of insurmountable odds. Respect your elders they said. But I am my own man, with dreams, goals and ambitions. I have to take a stand.

All I want for is for this to stop – that’s all that I ask. The crushing feeling of disappointment, that I can do nothing right in their judgemental eyes. The lack of sympathy when I have to fight my way to the top of the slag heap, just to make a tiny little difference before all of my noble efforts are tepidly regarded as futile in the extreme.

It’s the same problem every year and it’s not getting any easier.

The satin sheets and lemon peels. Picture postcards, good deeds and thoughtful thrills. This drama, dilemma, fuelling family claustrophobia. The ups and downs in a rollercoaster relationship that makes this raconteur feel stifled and not really himself. The dour, yearning glances, sour frowns and subtle nods that I catch in the periphery of my vision, things that I inadvertently see and immediately wish that I could wipe clean from my mind.

So I’ve given up trying to be the better man. I’ve stopped trying to fight what I cannot win.

This year, I bought Mum and Dad socks – can’t argue with that. Except they did.

Lucky I kept the receipt.


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