Daily Prompt – Seven – Poem / Poetry – “Going Beyond Limitations”

Hey there guys and gals.

So, I see a lot of you getting swallowed up in all of this NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) shenanigans.

It is so very encouraging to see so many of my friends participate in this wonderful event – the world need more writers to keep carrying the fire and keep the flame alive – go brothers and sisters, I know you can succeed!

For my sins, I’ve decided to enter too but I’m approaching it at a much leisurely pace before I hit it with everything I’ve got. (No, I’m not cocky, I’ve just got some holiday time coming up and would prefer to put pedal to the metal when I’m not being drained by the day job).

In the meantime, I fancied writing another poem and this time the prompt is based around the number seven.

Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders by Michelle W.

“Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?”

“Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEVEN.”

Thanks for the great idea, Mati!

I really enjoy writing poems stuffed full of inspiration and motivation – hope you all enjoy this one too.

Seven by Steffen Heilfort - WikiCommons

Going Beyond Limitations (by David Ellis)

Natural evolution favours adopters of classical wisdom
Exotic spheres of catastrophes collide, random associations
To know thyself is to embrace compassion
Keep everything within a degree of moderation
Opportunities should rule the heart, not mind
Impossible or not, attempts must be tried
Patience brings respect, honour, a noble life

Nothing is accidental if you just believe
Ancient wonders uncovered never cease to amaze
Music so sweet, electrifying, painting the air
We’re all more than names or numbers
To express yourself is the ultimate goal
Failures forgotten, hard work brings success now
Never allow negativity to gain ultimate control

Essence of our struggles is knowing, understanding
Making connections, building friendships, bridges, deeper meanings
Dreamers and intellectual explorers of the obscure
An abstract world with no clear answers
Life is to be felt and experienced
Triumphing over adversity however harrowing the circumstance
Allowing divine silence to surrender its secrets

Create a core around which everything revolves
Time for everything, just let it unfold
Pick what’s important, outsmart the status quo
Balance between holding on and letting go
No such thing as an overactive imagination
Just people pushing for elimination of innovation
Achieve so much more going beyond limitations

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