Poem / Poetry – “Integrity’s Touch”

Hello everyone.

I’ve written a poem in between sips of wine for National Drink Wine Day – I arrived a little late to the party but better late than never!

Enjoy it folks and comments are always welcome , even more so if they are wine related 🙂

Integrity’s Touch (by David Ellis)

Atrociously immaculate
The lasting effect that
You have on the world
Can be broken in an instant
If integrity’s touch is severed

Exquisitely destitute
Digging for deeper meanings
Human nature at its most complex
Unfathomable in its context
In seas of convoluted dreams

Deliciously quaint, ancient
Different ways of coping
A maelstrom of emotions
With only one way out
Onwards into battle

Perilously silent
Unyielding to anything
Slaying diabolical inhibitions
Preventing you from achieving
Lofty goals and ambitions

Tradition dictates
That to leave an enduring legacy
One must have lead
A life deemed to be worthy

So above all else
Be yourself
Don’t let anyone
Poison the well
Be prolific, kind and generous
And if that doesn’t work
Tell the universe to back off
At least until we’ve finished this glass

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24 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Integrity’s Touch”

  1. Nice words of legacy 🙂
    Thanks for adding my link to it…. but may I know, how did you add those ?Because I too would like to have some of links like pingback on my post to other bloggers… 🙂

    • Hey there, thank you for your praise, it is very much appreciated. If you want to add links into a post that create pingbacks, you need to link to the original post. So for example, you can link to my post by pasting the following code in your post:-

      “Integrity’s Touch”

      For other links, all you have to do is copy them from elsewhere or replace the website address where my website address for the blog post is (“https://toofulltowrite.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/poem-poetry-integritys-touch/”)

      Hope this helps you out!

  2. This feels like it was written for me personally – so – thank you. It’s amazing how synchronicity works so very well – especially when least expected.
    Absolutely beautiful and brilliant. Cheers!

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