A Poetic Duet With JaneyBGood – “Murdering It On Karaoke Night”

Hello everyone.

Hands up all of you who like karaoke? A fair few of you. Especially when you are all a bit tipsy too, no doubt.

That’s good because I’m about to royally burst your bubble right now in a fun way and not one that causes any pain or suffering (just mild embarrassment), as we take you along for a ride and force you to relive this ancient tradition that often starts soon after inebriation.

My good friend JaneyBGood (her blog’s here, what are you waiting for – Cupid or Cats) came up with another wonderful concept for a poem and I simply had to capture it and get it out there.

If there’s one thing I love doing (apart from eating cakes and winding people up), it’s creating a piece that has distinctive local texture, colour and flavour (all of this is making me hungry for cheese).

So Jane and I have made a collaboration that takes place in an Irish Karaoke bar – how cool is that? (Very cool, Mr David Sir!) Why thank you my lovelies, what a sweet and generous thing to say. You didn’t say it? Let’s agree to disagree and pretend you did. Marvellous.

So without further ado, let’s get this shindig started – give me the mike, it’s hollerin’ time and I’m know for jamming all night long!

(Extra bonus points if you comment in the form of poetry or song, you clever person)

Karaoke Irish Pub by Hinnerk R, Hinnerk Rümenapf - Wikimedia Commons

“Murdering It On Karaoke Night” by TooFullToWrite & JaneyBGood

Hurry up! Quick! Somebody call the police!
There is a crime that is currently in progress
The din of a thousand caterwauling cats
Emanating from the bar, it sounds like murder!

The classics of Journey, Queen and Abba
Are lying butchered and battered on the floor
Nails on a chalkboard, squealing tyres
Have all been heard in this place before

Surveying the scene and investigation
I’m not sure I want to be here in person
A wee man up on stage is jumping up and down
On drugs I wonder, his eyes wandering the crowd

Flutes and tin whistles complement howling banshees
Evident from the ambiance, we’re witnessing chaos theory
The wee man necks his own weight in whiskey hits
As the lyrics of U2 songs are added to the carnage

The ladies are dancing around, now it’s their turn
Duets are kicked off with random aplomb
As the drink flows, confidence grows bigger
Getting louder, more shriller, drowning out each other

Clinking glasses and dragged out notes intermingle
Exaggerated power ballads and floppy, bad hairdos
An inflated sense of peacocking self-esteem prevails
Meaningless lyrics now muffled by unintelligible buzz

There is evidence of a right old ruckus on the cards
Don’t need a fortune teller, something is kicking off
A fight is about to erupt and arrests are imminent
Suddenly the machine blows up and everyone stops

But someone is still singing, refusing to let it all go
All eyes converge on a performer who’s moustachioed
Awkward whispers are silenced by his eager groupies
Enthusiastically body popping in sync to his Elvis thrusts

You see The King, he never died, that much is true
The clues they all pointed to a resurrected dude
In this tavern in Ireland on this very special occasion
We all heard him perform as a wee man from Lisburn
When people ask about this fateful night, they get a bemused reply
“I thought it was Elvis up there but then that must be gobshite!”

Not sure about the ending? Check out this funny post by Jane and you may obtain further clarity into the often amusing Irish lexicon:-


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36 thoughts on “A Poetic Duet With JaneyBGood – “Murdering It On Karaoke Night”

  1. I really did like this piece a lot
    So slick and smooth like flu season snot
    I think that you should be paid cash
    For mentioning a nice mustache
    I wandered in, so nice and trusting
    And in my face was some Elvis thrusting

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