Apocalypse Soon Episode 13 – Film Review – Grabbers

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I am happy to announce that Apocalypse Soon Episode 13 is now available for free (free you say? I’ll take ten!)

Grabbers - The Movie

In this particular episode of Apocalypse Soon (the podcast review show where we talk about Movies, Books, Comic Books and TV Shows around the genres of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Dystopia & Horror), we talk about the horror comedy (ha!) Grabbers and how the horror film Tremors is infintely better. It’s a shame because I adore the Irish and had high hopes for this but it fell a little short of the mark. Unfortunately it is not another Shaun of The Dead, that’s for sure. To be fair, the leads Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley were both excellent in their roles but I need a bit more meat and gristle in my horror, this one felt flat and a bit empty, like some joker had stolen all of the steak and kidney then replaced it with parsnips and spittle (uggghh).

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Apocalypse Soon Episode 13 – Grabbers

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