Burst – TOLIT

A fantastic tongue twister of a Short Story by my good friend Trent – worth taking time to read this terrific totalitarian tale at least twice today before taking tea!

Trent Lewin


I learned to tie a tie.  The tie tried to tie me to Tye.  Tye tickled the tie until the tie tied him to Timmy.  Then Timmy and Tye tied up the tie and Trent tried to tickle a turning tide, but Tye tried two times and that’s why Timmy tapped the tie and tore his tooth.  Then that tyrannosaur took Timmy to Thibodeau’s Taps and Togas, to test Trent’s turgid tool-tot, but Timmy’s tooth turned too loose and Tye tied up a tender and tried to drink his Tetley.  Tye tightened his toga.  Timmy tossed the tooth.

“Tye, this is a travesty,” said Timmy.  “Take your toga and tackle the tie while tying the Tetley with tassles and twine.  That takes time but twine always takes time, and twine will twirl around the tie if the tie tries to tie up Trent.”

And so Tye took the twine…

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