NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Attitude Without Spite”

Hi everyone.

I’ve decided to have another go this year at National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).

It takes place every April and the challenge is to write a poem every day for the next thirty days. (OMG OMG OMG – is he nuts? He no nuts – he crazy!)

I thought I would start off with a motivational one that will be a statement of intent for the next month. If I end up with time pressures, I may have to resort to haikus (trust me though, I’m red hot with those). I will try to keep the humour levels as high as possible but please bear with me and have mercy!

So I hope you all draw some comfort and solace from this particular poem – the prompt was based on if we follow any codes of conduct in our lives.

Also I need your help! If you would like to collaborate on any poems this month then do get in touch and we can then showcase them later in the month (unless you enjoy seeing poor little old me slog it out for the next month on my own, you fiends! Seriously though, I’m always up for collaborating, so don’t be shy, get in touch in the comments section below. Thank you.)

Bad Attitude

“Attitude Without Spite” by David Ellis

My code is simple
It is very easy to follow
If you listen closely then I’m sure you will find
No-one can bring you down

Attitude without spite
Will see you right
Respect and trust
The women in your life

Be honest in all of your dealings
Empathise with others’ feelings
Discover exciting new abilities
Reconnect with old ones frequently

Flow around problems
Take them in your stride
Adapt to situations
Remain sensitive, kind and wise

Embody generosity with gifts
Share knowledge freely
Plant good seeds in others
Let them grow and multiply

Never be afraid to challenge
The regimental status quo
Following all rules to the letter
Makes things no fun at all

If you are having problems
Try to tackle them head on
Benevolence is ultimately the key
To dealing with the ignorant few

So hold your head up high
Stay proud of who you are
Look life dead in the eye and say
“I’m ready for this adventure!”

Never quit, never give up, work hard
Achieve everything you could ever want
No-one is ever going to stop you
Trust me, it is going to be impossible

All you have to do is be a force of good
Then spend the rest of your life enjoying the rewards

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19 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Attitude Without Spite”

  1. I love your poem ,I am sure you’ll come up with a great one everyday,if you’re pressed for time Haiku is your best friend.
    One is done twenty-nine more to go. Good luck.

  2. My friend, you’re an inspiration, and I much like the poem. But a poem a day for a month…. my fingers would fall of. So would many of Art’s body parts, especially the really little ones.

    • Hey thanks for stopping by Trent! I managed sixteen last year, I hope to go all the way this year but I also fear for my fingers and my sanity too! Art’s Body Parts – there’s a poem/song there somewhere….

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