NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “A Hobby The Whole Family Can Enjoy”

I’m halfway there but I’m halfway dead!

Good evening everyone and welcome to another thrilling instalment of National Poetry Writing Month.

We are now at the halfway mark, which is excellent news – fifteen in a row ladies and gentlemen, not too shabby indeed! I think that deserves a celebratory cheesecake – nomnomnom!

And we’re back. Thanks for coming out to watch me stuff my face.

You will find the link to today’s NaPoWriMo prompt here:-

NaPoWriMo – Day 15 – The Halfway Mark

So today’s prompt is a format called Terza Rima (no, not an exotic Turkish meat dish but a rhyming style invented by Dante and used in his “Divine Comedy” poem, which I haven’t read yet unfortunately but funnily enough, I have listened to the band The Divine Comedy who are worth many minutes of your valuable time, so check them out too).

Guess I’m going my own way again (sorry prompt fans, maybe next time, eh?) – anyhoo, hope you like it.

“A Hobby The Whole Family Can Enjoy” by David Ellis

I like me, I really do
Yet sometimes
I feel like I need
To scream my head clean off
Just to feel the release

It’s hard to laugh in the world today
When your only true friend is money
No more faults than the average person
Mediocrity still carries a perpetual burden

Sincerity may be the one thing to slow you down
For me it’s the only currency in town
Push me aside rather than create a scene
Let’s feast upon these uneasy feelings

Hiding in our shells, timid turtles
Afraid to take a stand for what’s right
The boss at home, it must be said though
Fiefdom comes at a terrible price

In an age that is more digital than physical
Where relationships can often
Be erased and replaced
I’m inclined to take my own personal view
Why can’t we work harder in the first place?

What’s important in life
Is the strength of connections
Everyone should be allowed
To give strangers the option

If they won’t play along
Don’t hesitate to ditch them
A hobby the whole family can enjoy
Better to create than destroy


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