NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Conundrums”

Howdy peeps – how are you all doing?

Getting bored of me yet? I sincerely hope not! Plus there are another sixteen more of these bad boys to get through after this one, not that I am counting or anything. OK I am counting but only because I love writing these vignettes for you all and I also love the idea of sleeping properly at the end of all this. Moving swiftly on then…..(too late).

Welcome one and all to Day 14 of NaPoWriMo and tonight I have a treat for you where I have actually followed the prompt this time round (blimey, now there’s a first).

Here is the link to the website:-

NaPoWriMo – Day Fourteen – It’s Question Time

So the prompt today is all about questions, therefore allow me to present to you my form of (more than) Twenty Questions – game on!

£D Jigsaw puzzle by Jason7825

“Conundrums” by David Ellis

Why do we tend to love the things that don’t love us back?
Why do we always want the things that we cannot have?
Why does the sun shine when we want it to rain?
Why is it that heartache is the worst kind of pain?

How can you truly tell if someone really likes you?
How can suffering be worthwhile if it’s for a selfish goal?
How do you profoundly make a difference in someone’s world?
How do you do it in a way to make your own family proud?

What can we do when the universe decides to cause havoc and hell?
What can we learn from those who choose to betray our goodwill?
What can we see in others that we would like to mirror in ourselves?
What must be done to make our inner light shine above all else?

Why does time run like sand through desperate fingers?
Why do best laid plans sometimes crumble all around us?
Why can’t we distinguish between opinion and good advice?
Why don’t we cherish the friends who help us through life?

How can we understand feelings more ancient than buildings?
How do we build foundations of peace and understanding?
How many more times must we go back to the beginning?
How can we acknowledge that change has to come from within?

When will it become apparent that we are not all competing?
When will things slow down enough so our heads aren’t constantly spinning?
When do we know when to stop judging ourselves to impossible standards?
When do we jump off this train so we can find out some certain answers?

Why do breathtaking dreams often fade just after we wake?
Why are memories the most vibrant when remembering mistakes?
Why decide to stick to one course of action when many exist?
Why limit yourself when you have the power of choice?

Consider these and other conundrums but don’t live your life enslaved by them


39 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Conundrums”

    • Thank you Patricia for you lovely comment. I’m so happy with the flow of this one, it was pretty tricky but I put a lot of my own feelings in there, which really helped the piece.

  1. As women, I find it amazing that we have a high threshold for pain when it comes to childbirth but present us with heartache and we become this fragile being – a complete paradox. Life is full of conundrums and bereft of palindromes. Sterling work David – can’t be easy doing a poem a day.

    • Thank you so much Tasha 🙂 – it is not easy but incredibly rewarding. I do hope I can make it to the finish line but I still have other obstacles to contend with later this week, like no internet! Will have to use me phone and hope for the best.

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