NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “The Tenderness Of Words” (aka Acrostalyptica Part 3)

Wow! Look at him go!

Hello friends, welcome to another thrilling episode of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) – Day 23.

Firstly here is today’s prompt over at the official website:-

NaPoWriMo Day 23 – embrace the clever nonsense verse

I’ve decided to use a different one though from their FaceBook page about writing a poem for my favourite letter of the alphabet. I can’t have one though – I want them all!

So here is my love letter to the alphabet and hope you enjoy it.

Author Delamotte, F., vectorized & restored by JovanCormac

“The Tenderness of Words” (aka Acrostalyptica Part 3) by David Ellis

A, you are amazing, I adore you, my adulation knows no bounds
B, you are so beautiful, bountiful, a fragrant bouquet to the senses
C, you are charismatic, so cool, coy, classically, sensuously curvaceous
D, you are determined, dignified, a dancing, dramatic, demure distraction
E, you are elegant, eclectic, so easy going and entrancing
F, you are fabulous, your figure facilitates friendly feelings of freedom
G, you are so gorgeous, generous to a fault, giddy with gentle glee
H, you are humble in your endeavours, heroic, hypnotic, you make me happy
I, you are insightful, imaginative, inspirational and idolized
J, you are a jewel, a jaunty jamboree if ever I did see one
K, you are such a kinky thing, a killer kisser and king of karaoke
L, you are luscious, layered in loveliness, lustfully liberating
M, you are magnificent, molten lava, making my mind melt melodiously
N, you are so natural, nurturing, nectar of the Gods, overwhelmingly nourishing
O, you are opulent, frequently orgasmic, often outsmarting the competition
P, you are perfect, particularly when being playful with your panache
Q, you are quixotic, quick witted, you make me quiver with clever quotes
R, you are romantic, relaxing in the extreme, remarkable how you build rapport
S, you are so succulent, sanguine demeanour shines through, so silky smooth
T, you are thrilling, a typhoon of treacle, flowing strong and true
U, you are undulating, you unclasp your umbrella and we float away together
V, you are soft velvet, vigorously volcanic yet viscerally vivid to the touch
W, you are wicked in wanton ways that writhe all over me, full of woozy warmth
X, you are hard to fathom, even with detailed X-Rays but you still fascinate me
Y, you are full of yearnings, you are most yummy when you are just being you
Z, you are zestful, a zephyr in my ear, the sweetest kiss and then you disappear

Want to read more alphabet inspired poetry madness? Then why not check out two other posts of mine from the past – both are guaranteed to blow your socks/tights off!

Abstract Alliterative Acrostalyptica


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