We are Sea

A simply wonderful poem by Dawn about her experience and connection with the ocean – it is marvellous and a joy to read.


We are sea
We are sea

Standing at the mouth of the ocean,
who treated me with a gray whale,
I let the waves flow to me,
touch me,
bathe my feet
in cooling water.
Salt and water,
energy and motion,
the structures of life.

The sound and the sun overwhelm me
yet I stand captivated
knowing ocean is where we began.
The sea still lives in us,
the salt, the water, the waves,
the rhythm,
the boom.

Sea to eternity
to horizon
touched by the green flash
of individual life
and the constant waves of collective life.

I am part of this whole,
this constant,
connected to all
by the salt water within us
and sea around us.
Connected to all,
to peace,
to David so near
as an ocean away.
The ocean in me
speaks to the ocean in you,
a love story eternally recreated.

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