Poem / Poetry (National Poetry Writing Day) – “Ambrosial Moments”

Hello everyone.

I am happy to announce that it is National Poetry Writing Day! This means that I am contractually obliged to offer you all a bit of poetry or else I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

For at least ten minutes. Then I’m sure I will find something shiny to catch my attentio…ooh look, a penny!

So, let’s bring out the champagne, dancing girls, maracas, shotguns, 18 Wheelers, cold cuts and cake (I do lurve me a slice of cake, good thing it is my birthday soon!)

I’ve written a heartfelt love saga in honor of this national holiday, so buckle up, enjoy a glass of wine, beer or whatever beverage greases your throaty gears and enjoy the poem.

Wikimedia Commons - Die Gartenlaube

Ambrosial Moments (by David Ellis)

Under the wickedly salacious lust spell
Cast by the shadow of the crescent moon
A passionate embrace takes place in a raging ocean
Of wine soaked words whispered all night long

These twilight hours seem so serenely peaceful
You are such a rose between two thorns
I cannot help but to feel connected to you
You cause shivers from my spine deep into my soul

From daybreak’s first light, peeking out from the covers
When you’re near, summer sun never seems to set
Held prisoner by your gaze and smile, capturing my heart
You steal my breath away and then your kisses give it back

In all of the ambrosial moments that we’ve spent together
Mutual pleasure has made us burn brighter than the stars
On a slow ride to heaven, there’s no stopping this train
So happy and exhilarating that we’re the only passengers

Dreamy tunes whistle from a tangy, sensual breeze
Hands so soft and delicate, as we caress then squeeze
A special bond formed from precious bouts of tenderness
Forever lost in each other and each other’s dreams

When a spark as strong as this ignites torrid flames
There can be no other outcome or course of action
We must surrender to our most basic, animalistic instincts and urges
Celebrate the alignment of the earth, moon, sun, stars and nature
Bathe in the inherent beauty, mystery, sensuality, awe and wonder

Letting the universe decide how this parable ultimately unfolds
Better to be engulfed in love’s warmth than be left out in the cold
For if heaven forbid, the fire’s embers were to inadvertedly wane
A life lived pursuing true love
Is a fulfilling existence truly worth living

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