Poem / Poetry – “Goodbye, My Dear!”

Hello everyone.

I’ve been busy with another prompt from the extremely talented ladies over at The Reverie – A Poetic Publication Journal – check it out here:-

The Reverie Poetry Prompt – Quiet Journey

This time round they mentioned about starting a poem at the end and building towards the finale through a journey. There is a picture of a bar and cloudy skies, both of which feature heavily in my piece. We also had to use the word “quiet” in there too.

I enjoyed engineering the twists in this, so hope you all enjoy it too – here we go!

Life of Pix Free Stock Photos - Restaurant Bar in New York

Goodbye, My Dear! (by David Ellis)

Here we are at the bar
And it’s time to say goodbye, my dear
It’s not raining outside
There’s just cloudy skies
As tears well up in my nostalgic eyes
Tasting saltier than a box of fries

Sitting here in frosty silence
Enjoying slices of heartache cake
Downing drinks with quiet determination
I cannot help but contemplate
All the things left behind in your wake

Like your toothbrush but hell no
I ain’t gonna use it
Germs still exist
Even if you’re good looking

That ball of rubber bands
Might come in handy
Although right now I can only think of
Tying my nose back for a naselectomy

Then there’s a photo you took
Of us standing in a field
It’s blurry I know
But if you squint
We blend in nicely with
All of the other farmyard animals

A recipe for your Mother’s goulash
Older than the hills themselves
Whenever you made it, it gave me chills
An alien bursting to get out of my stomach
Time and time again, I swallowed the pain for you
Ignoring the sweet siren song of the take out menu

Come to think of it
You’ve left me with
A big, stinking pile of garbage
So now, here we are, right back at where we started
My heartache has just departed

Why did we even date in the first place?
Oh yes, I forgot, of course, your Father’s inheritance
But he left the company to his subordinate
Now my love has turned into hate

Let’s do lunch one day soon
It’s the very least I can do
Your Mother knew about me all along
Too bad that you are
So headstrong and ignored her

So please allow me to whisper once more
Sweet nothings in your ear, before I yell
“It’s very shallow I know but I’ve got to go – goodbye my dear! Nice knowing you!”

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    • You’re welcome Laura, thank you for reading. It always puts a smile on my face if I can do the same and make other people laugh. Apart from love, there is no other greater gift you can give someone 🙂

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