Poem / Poetry – “A Cosmic Pillar”

Well hello there rhyme aficionados.

A very good friend of mine brought to my attention that it is ‘Diwali Day’ today (23rd October outside of South India, Malaysia and Singapore – it is also known as Deepavali or alternatively “The Festival of Lights”) and after finding out more, I was immediately entranced by this special holiday and the themes that it presents.

I was so excited by what I read that I had to offer my own form of celebration through the medium of poetic expression, in honour of this festival.

So this particular piece is specifically for A Shade of Pen (check out her blog here for more amazing stories and poetry – A Shade Of Pen) but you can all enjoy it too, whether you celebrate Diwali through your religion or not, I hope that you find this poem inspirational!

Wikimedia Commons - Divali Card - Flickr: Shubh Diwali Ram Bhajan, Maa Lakshmi Ji ki Aarti

“A Cosmic Pillar” by David Ellis

The light within all of us can triumph over darkness
Celebrate the natural birth of exciting new beginnings
No hating of negatives, if they bring positive changes
We can succeed where others have failed before us

New knowledge doesn’t have to replace ancient scripts
It binds and enhances old techniques and experiences
If you can bounce back from every setback harder than before
Whether it be major or minor, you’re building character

Exchanging gifts between family members and close friends
A time of remembering how to love your fellow man and woman
The sun shines on, a cosmic pillar, a beacon of buttery purity
Bringing energy to life, plants, animals and people majestically

Legends, myths and stories surface about good versus evil
The enduring tales feature those who ultimately become heroes
Fighting ignorance wherever they see it, with much compassion
Fearlessly removing obstacles of injustice that are plain wrong

Music, literature and learning free you from self-imposed prisons
Never doubt your own unique abilities or question the nature of them
Relationships and friendships are what matter the most
Devote some time to bringing happiness to the hearts of others
And you will truly find happiness in yourself above all else

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