17 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Making It Out Alive”

    • You’re awesome as usual! I must admit too that your songs made me cry until I turned the volume off and threw my laptop down a deep well. I am kidding of course, My favourite of your is “Walls of Stone”. I dig groovy cats that embrace a variety of creative outlets, it is very refreshing to not limit yourself to one media type.

  1. Wow! 119 ping backs! This should get you some good responses and several follows. A brother told me once that someone mocked him for crying about a movie, but he answered that he *wanted* and *needed* to cry once in a while to get the emotional buildup drained again. Huh? Oh, well, different strokes for different folks.

    • Hey there Beth – thank you for reading. I can relate to your brother, it is sometimes a relief to give yourself an emotional cleanse although I always feel like it really has to be something that deserves a good bawl about and thankfully there are not too many of those things around in my life at the moment to set me off 😉 It’s good to be in touch with your emotions, as it can feed poetry wonderfully and expunge any bad feelings that are floating around at the time (or more often than not celebrate the good ones). Have a great day.

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