Acrostic Poem / Poetry – “Left Logically Yet Rightly Creative”

Well hello there dear friends.

It’s another week where I’ve risen to the challenge set out by The Reverie Journal. Every Monday they provide a new poetry prompt, so if you fancy writing some poetry and are looking for a theme to inspire you, why not head over there and go crazy!

Wordle Me This – A Poetic Prompt from The Reverie Journal

This week’s challenge was to use a series of 14 words. Usually it is quite a feat to incorporate all words in these exercises but I have decided to give you more bang for your buck because I am such a nice and generous chap.

For your personal viewing pleasure, I have poured blood, sweat and tears (not literally, that would be gross) into knocking up a left and right handed acrostic poem. The only liberty I have taken is with the words themselves, where I have been forced to pluralise in places but I’m sure you will forgive me for this when you get a chance to read it – hope you like it!

(Incidentally for posterity and macho posturing purposes, the words that were tasked to be used in this piece were basement, consolation, curtain, denial, expectations, jittering, mask, obituary, restless, shiver, sway, swollen, tumbling and whiskey).

Finally before we begin, if you fancy writing your own acrostic poem, why not have a go and link your blog post back to The Reverie Journal over here – they give you brief tips on constructing them too:-

Acrostic – Learning New Forms – The Reverie Journal

So without further ado – let’s unleash this beast!

Wordle made by The Reverie Journal
(Wordle picture by The Reverie Journal)

“Left Logically Yet Rightly Creative” by David Ellis

Basements are where we find ourselves, if we want to retreat from an indifferent world

Consolation comes alongside an axe to grind, since everyday life expects us to experience and overcome lows

Curtains are certain to come down on individuals, if their unsavoury motives are summarily revealed

Denial of ideals means we can’t connect to those we care about to see how good we make them feel

Expectations are always too high, demands we foist upon us just to impress others are unreasonable

Jittering from one thing to the next leads to unnecessary stress, the effects are often irreversible

Masks cannot help but slip when there’s nothing for them to grip; they soon start feeling fake

Obituaries are read side by side a heavy heart, the death of any relationship ultimately has tolls to pay

Restless in our endeavours, we’re repeatedly trying to please too many bodies with meagre time, all at once

Shivers run up and down our spines, whether we create them out of either fear or excitement

Swaying to the music when it fizzles in our minds, a defence mechanism designed to slay boredom

Swollen eyes from staying up round the clock, striving to finish off things we passionately believe in

Tumbling in headfirst isn’t the best strategy, unless you enjoy being hurt right from the start

Whiskey provides us a fiery kick but if you don’t like it then any alcohol or sugar rush will work

Meanwhile, on the other hand and flipside of this yin and yang coin

There are tons of cool things down here, silence allows us to focus consciousness in the Basement

Is it such a bad thing if we encounter lows? There wouldn’t be highs otherwise if it’s any Consolation

Trust is in short supply, it pays to keep our minds open wide, we must draw open the Curtains

Lauding ideals as pinnacles of evolution is what we strive for, no more living in the shadow of Denial

Playing to our strengths has consequence of giving everything our best, so we can raise Expectations

Questions we must ask, why are we are we so restless, then fix at the source to avoid Jittering

Hiding in obscurity just to please someone else? If we maintain our true identities, no need for any Masks

Relationships can die but teach us how to live and love stronger than before, new beginnings not Obituaries

A perfectionist is fine but you can’t please everyone all of the time, so be calm and less Restless

Abandon fears and instead, deliver pleasure to your lover, spine tingling affection creating Shivers

Music is soul nourishment, breathing in every note and word, mountains moved, opinions are now Swaying

Cheeks should be engorged from copious smiling and laughing, whereas egos should never ever be Swollen

Pride usually arrives before a fall but we don’t tend to learn anything, unless at first we’re Tumbling

Everybody has a shot at a happy life, true love and laughter, so in honour, let’s raise a toast with a glass of Whiskey

In the end, maybe we all just want the same thing

If we help each other, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish

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24 thoughts on “Acrostic Poem / Poetry – “Left Logically Yet Rightly Creative”

  1. Well done sir. The shifts and all. Also isn’t acrostic supposed to stand for some thing?

    P.S Check out the poem that I made I turned 20 on Wednesday so I wrote a piece on my birthday cake. So check it out and tell me what you think.


    • Thank you Franz my main man 🙂

      My acrostic stands for taking two distinct opinions based on which side you are looking at, so whilst the left hand side is how we react logically, the right hand side is looking at things more creatively, along with being more flexible and going along with the flow. I understand that the left brain/right brain theory has been debunked but I still like the nature of the concept of looking at things through the lenses of logic or creativity.

      You are right in that typical acrostics have words/meanings that read down but I like to break the rules and build monster ones that follow patterns or other avenues to keep things interesting and fresh.

      Happy Birthday for Wednesday! I will head over and take a gander at your poem soon.

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  3. I find myself wanting to retreat to the basement figuratively if not literally much of the time. ‘Tis a very mean world we live in.
    Thank you so much for your visit to and for your kind comment on Mo and Cie’s poem. It means more than you know!

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