A Wordy Vote #2

Attention my fellow poetry lovers! You have until midnight EST tonight of 22nd November to vote for your favourite poems over at The Reverie. I have a poem up this week called “Left Logically Yet Rightly Creative”. If you like my poem then please vote for me and if you write poetry, why not consider submitting a poem to The Reverie while you are there? Submission guidelines can be found on the website. Have a peachy day – cheers!

The Reverie

This week’s prompt we got to play around with other poet’s words, sort-of giving our thank you to all those who submit for the Write for Us segment on this blog.

Have you been reading your fellow poets? Well, now’s your chance!

Check them out and vote on your favorite. Voting will last until midnight tonight and the community favorite will be featured on the site tomorrow at 10 am EST.

Thank you for participating and we’ll see you next Monday for a new prompt!

In the meantime, consider submitting to our magazine, which is open and accepting submissions now. Or to our anthology for the theme of Back to Our Roots!

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter. We only send emails once a month, but this is how you can stay up on information regarding submissions and also how you’ll get your FREE copy…

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