Left Logically Yet Right Creative by David Ellis

Thanks to everyone who voted for my piece. Here it is being featured over at The Reverie Journal. If you haven’t read it yet, why not take a look and read some other excellent poems over there. The archives can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the page. Cheers for reading and have a peachy day!

The Reverie

Basements are where we find ourselves, if we want to retreat from an indifferent world

Consolation comes alongside an axe to grind, since everyday life expects us to experience and overcome lows

Curtains are certain to come down on individuals, if their unsavoury motives are summarily revealed

Denial of ideals means we can’t connect to those we care about to see how good we make them feel

Expectations are always too high, demands we foist upon us just to impress others are unreasonable

Jittering from one thing to the next leads to unnecessary stress, the effects are often irreversible

Masks cannot help but slip when there’s nothing for them to grip; they soon start feeling fake

Obituaries are read side by side a heavy heart, the death of any relationship ultimately has tolls to pay

Restless in our endeavours, we’re repeatedly trying to please too many bodies with meagre time…

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One thought on “Left Logically Yet Right Creative by David Ellis

  1. Thank you Dawn – I am so happy to be featured at The Reverie, it is a wonderful place to submit poetry. I would encourage you to do so at some point when you have time. You can either follow the prompt on a Monday or submit a poem to them to be featured on their website on a Wednesday – I’ve read many good other poets over there too, so I am sure you will be right at home.

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