My dear friend and fellow poetic collaborator Hasty Words has featured one of my poems over on her blog! If you don’t subscribe to her wonderful website already or are keen to buy books from an extremely talented lady then check it out now brethren, you’re in for a treat 🙂


David Ellis and I have written a few duets together Destination Destiny   Seductive Nature    Perfect Imperfections   Seafaring Scallywags and Equestrian Maidens .  Not only is he a master with words he is way smarter than I am (and that isn’t me slamming myself…he is just that smart).  He is often the first one I notice taking on any poetic challenge and unlike me I bet he is capable of writing an Epic Poem everyday if he put his energy into it.  He is always happy…always polite…and truly one of the most compassionate bloggy people I have met.

I have had some pretty heavy blog posts the last few days and I knew of nobody better than David to help lighten the mood a bit.  I hope you enjoy today’s compassion post.


“The Kitten Of Compassion” by David Ellis

Love is the wildest, most unpredictable thief on the…

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