Poem / Poetry – “Abstract Alliterative Acrostalyptica” (Two of Three NaPoWriMo 2015 Acrostic Poems)

Hello again everyone.

Here is the first sequel to the original abecedarian that I posted earlier.

NaPoWriMo.net – 30 Poems In 30 Days – Day 10

The variation on this one is that I attempted to have six alphabetical words per line and have each couple of lines as rhyming couplets – again, no easy feat let me assure you!

I have one more for you after this, so sit back and enjoy (and for all of those who follow my blog who have seen it before then I hope you enjoy seeing it again!)

Comments are welcome and if you would like me to link your Acrostic poems then let me know.


(Photo courtesy and copyright of Arthur Ellis – Blind artist – http://www.blindartist.co.uk)

“Abstract Alliterative Acrostalyptica” (Two of Three NaPoWriMo 2015 Acrostic Poems) by David Ellis

Arguably, articulating accents accentuates addicting arousal
Beauty beseeches, burning bridges, basically brutal
Cosily coaxing, confiding, charismatically causing consent
Dabbling defenceless, drunkenly dazed, decadent descent
Exuding elegance, explicitly eager, endless elation
Fabricating fragile fables, fizzing frothily, frustration
Gracious gesticulation giving glimpses, gentle glow
Hungrily, hedonistically, hypnotically hazy, husk, hollow
Innocently invading, inspiring immersion, ironically infused
Jubilant journey, juicily jousting, jaunty jeopardy
Kindled kinship, killing kitsch, knowingly kamikaze
Lusciously labored laughing, languishing, leisurely lingering
Majestic maestros, masking malaise, melodic mourning
Narrowly neutral, nuzzling nectar, naughtily nocturnal
Obsession, occult oration, objectified, oblique obstacle
Peculiarly pavlovian, puissant, perfectly positioned possibilities
Quixotic questing, quivering, quenching qualms quickly
Ravenously ravishing, radiating rarefied, randomised resilience
Succulent salaciousness, salvaging shimmering, sultry silence
Teasingly tempestuous temptations, torridly taking time
Undulating, unfurling, ultimately unravelling unkindness, utopian
Vigorously vociferous vessels, voicing visceral volleys
Wandering woozily with wanderlust, writhing wickedly
Xenomorphic, xenotropic, Xeroxing x-rays, xylophonic xenogamy
Yelling, yearning, yielding yourself, yesterday’s yardstick
Zesty zenith, zigzagging zealously, zanily zoneless

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