Poem / Poetry – “Abstract Acrostalyptica” (One of Three NaPoWriMo 2015 Acrostic Poems)

Hello everyone.

I’ve jumped ahead a few days but I promise I will return to the days I’ve missed!

However, this is NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) Day 10 and the official prompt can be found here:-

NaPoWriMo.net – 30 Poems In 30 Days – Day 10

I adore writing acrostic poetry, it is without a doubt my favourite type of exercise, so when I saw this prompt, I had to dig deep and this is what I have come up with from the archives and annuls of my mind.

I am very proud of this abecedarian piece since it is an acrostic of the whole alphabet on both the left and right hands sides – no easy feat let me tell you, sunshine!

Incidentally if you enjoy this one then check out the sequels which I will publish separately.

Comments are welcome and if you would like me to link your Acrostic poems then let me know.


(Photo courtesy and copyright of Arthur Ellis – Blind artist – http://www.blindartist.co.uk)

“Abstract Acrostalyptica” by David Ellis (One of Three NaPoWriMo 2015 Acrostic poems)

Arranging life to fit the whims of others, a chimerical, misguided nirvanA
Businesslike in one’s actions, verbosely brusque, a sensual ancient proverB
Chaos ensues, tragic, a waterfall on the senses, potent aphrodisiaC
Disciplined enigmas, on a fatal collision course, heralded, foretolD
Exact hits the spot, absolute, to the point of being just adequatE
Framed for crimes of being yourself, guilty of a Mexican StandofF
Guided by a groovy hedonistic beat, so alluring is the rhythmic cravinG
Harmonious in gesture but sequestered in saucy chutzpaH
Immaculate, delicate nature but still naively greener than any broccolI
Juggling with all of these thoughts that spin, rub, scratch, maniacal DJ
King of all you survey, there are worlds you must conquer, quicK
Logical though it may seem, lucidity a fleeting dream, exhilarating cocktaiL
Meticulously flowing, a stream for all seasons, fiercely gaining momentuM
Neatly numbered numbness, too rigid means denying any chaos is inhumaN
Overseeing judgement calls, future conundrums rage, a runaway tornadO
Painstakingly firm, love’s beacon shines through, bittersweet backdroP
Qualities employed without fear of searing the conscience like a BBQ
Rational, romantic ideals struggle for the right audience, they overpoweR
Sandwiched plainly between an illustrious crust, fervent lust procrastinateS
Tethered, tranquil insidiousness runs deep into vulnerable veins, reticenT
Unmistakable intensity, threatening to engulf, consume before its plateaU
Veracious creatures we are, manipulating feelings, a play worthy of ChekoV
Working in subtle ways, defining ourselves, pieces missing, perfect jigsaW
X-Rays of our lives highlight crystal clear hues, an ornamental paradoX
Years yielding an essence flavoured by positive actions have no boundarY
Zodiacal, we’re animals, embracing the nature of our characters with pizazZ

You still want even more? Blimey, you’re insatiable! Try some of the links to the work of my fellow poets below for more acrostic fun:-

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5 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Abstract Acrostalyptica” (One of Three NaPoWriMo 2015 Acrostic Poems)

  1. no idea what ‘acrostic’ means… but this was sort of like something that Maynard Krebs would say to the accompaniment of bongo drums… HA! wait… does it have to do with the letters at the end of each line???
    I have done a couple of poems this week… with no prompting at all.. ha

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