Poem / Poetry – “The Sweetest Of All Sounds”

Hello everyone.

Are you all having a good Sunday? I understand that it is Mother’s Day in the US, so I’m sure all you American mothers are having a ball (and if you’re not then I’m sure wine, chocolates and preferably both will make things right as rain again!)

I think it’s about time I gave you another slice of poetic whimsy, think of it as my gift to all of you enjoying Mothering Sunday, a Sunday roast (sllluuuuurrrrrpppp!) or just plain old vanilla Sunday – we don’t discriminate here, every Sunday is a joyous occasion as far as I’m concerned. As long as you’ve brought me some Turkish Delight then we will get on famously.

What’s that you say? You didn’t bring any Turkish Delight? Well then next time bring a double portion if you know what’s good for you or I may be forced to release the hounds!

And now onto the main event, enjoy folks and folkettes.


“The Sweetest Of All Sounds” by David Ellis

As myth becomes more potently stronger than knowledge
Where exposure to dreams and goals forge realities
A heart which cannot live without passion perpetually burns
Nothing is more elegantly perfect than perfectly complex

Reflections of ourselves change with the times
In the beginning, we twist to fit our own image
Convinced that material goods and wealth are important
When freedom is more appropriate than possessions

Daring to reveal yourself fully is a daunting task
Yet knowing you always lose when holding back helps
Our ancestors were and still are the greatest encouragers
We can evolve just like they did
Instead of hiding in the shadows

You can create yourself out of a set of noble values
It should not be our purpose to become each other
Be the unique light in the lives of those we care about
The story of love is one of hello and not goodbye

And if life chooses to take what we love so dearly away
Be it through hate, fear or simply death and tragedy
We must be the ones to make that courageous step
To move on and to get closer to other alternatives
Someone else deserving to bridge the gap
Filling our hearts and minds for all eternity
The sweetest of all sounds is one of vulnerability


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