Guest Post – A Special Short Story Written by Helena Hann-Basquiat – “Poetry Slam, Daddy-O!”

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I’m literally swelling with pride! (Not like that, get your mind out of the gutter and wash your mouth out with soap for good measure). And no, I haven’t eaten all of the pies but I’ll have a generous slice if you are buying.

I’ve written a lot of poetry collaborations with some very talented people but this is something different all together.

Today marks the debut of my first ever guest post on this blog. *Fanfare, trumpets and helicopters taking off and crashing into the sun*

I’ve been chatting with Helena Hann-Basquiat from Canadaland and she has kindly offered to furnish this humble blog with a delightful “Helena & Penny” Short Story piece specifically written around the theme of poetry (which makes sense, since this is what I mostly write over here when I’m not terrorising people with my own Short Stories and hashtag games).

First, a little bit about Helena and then you can read the piece. I’ll let her introduce herself – go for it Helena! The stage is all yours!

The one, the only Helena Hann-Basquiat, everyone's favorite dilettante“The enigmatic Helena Hann-Basquiat dabbles in whatever she can get her hands into just to say that she has.

Some people attribute the invention of the Ampersand to her, but she has never made that claim herself.

Last year, she published Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One, this past April, released Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two, as well as the Shakespearean-style play, Penelope, Countess of Arcadia.

She is currently working on a sequel to JESSICA entitled Singularity, featuring contributions from five other writers.

Helena writes strange, dark fiction under the name Jessica B. Bell. VISCERA, a collection of strange tales, will be published by Sirens Call.

Publications later this year. Find more of her writing at or/and

Connect with her via Twitter @HHBasquiat , and keep up with her ever growing body of work at GOODREADS, or visit her AMAZON PAGE

Available now! image06 JESSICA image07

Thank you Helena for that fabulous introduction to your work, I see countless gems here worth discovering.

And now on to the main event – thank you for sharing this piece with my readers Helena and the best of luck with all of your writing projects. I look forward to reading them all myself in between cookie breaks and taking my imaginary dog for walks (all the fun of the fair and less cleanup afterwards, even if you do look like a complete tit).


“Poetry Slam, Daddy-O!” by Helena Hann-Basquiat

“Please tell me you’re going to take this seriously,” I begged the capricious Countess, who had a reputation, not unlike her sainted Aunt, of composing clever campaigns of ironic ridicule.

You remember Penny, darlings.  My unsinkable niece with a penchant for the peculiar, known to slip into various whimsical characters for her own amusement, if not always the amusement of others.

“Cool it, baby,” the Countess Penelope of Arcadia replied, adjusting her leopard-print poodle skirt and slipping on some saddle shoes. Apparently Arcadia was a place where the 1950s never ended. “It’s going to be a bash, unreal, totally Fat City. Like, crazy, man. All the hep cats are going to be there. Totally subterranean.”

“Oh dear god, they’re going to kill you,” I sighed. “You’re going to get lynched at a poetry reading.”

“Cool your jets, Daddy-O,” Penny said, affecting what I can only describe as a slightly-stoned hipster drawl. “I’m hip. They’re gonna dig it, it’s gonna be a kick, you’ll see. And if you don’t like it, you can drop dead twice.”

“What, and look like you?”

“Ah, now that’s just hurtful, baby,”

“Don’t call me baby,” I said, and as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I knew I’d regret them, and sure enough, I did, as the Countess Penelope of Arcadia, former lead singer of Penny and the Arcadianettes, launched into a rather overly dramatic rendition of  Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys. To tell the truth, I don’t think Penny’s ever heard The Beach Boys’ version, just the Bryan Ferry cover.

“You know that song’s from 1964, right, Poodle-Skirt?”

“Yeah, well, we were, like, visionaries, you dig? Don’t be square, baby, it’ll be all right.”

I sighed and looked at the hipster goddess, with her white ankle socks instead of her usual striped stockings, and her hair done up tight, Cat Eye glasses firmly in place, and had to admit she looked, well, cool.

“What do you think?” Penny asked. “Beret or no beret?”

“Ah,” I said. “That is the question.”

“Don’t start, Helena. This is my story.”

“No beret, then,” I suggested. “That’s one step beyond the pale.”

“Don’t you dare launch into One Step Beyond, Helena,” Penny warned.

“That’s madness, darling, I’d never dream of it. I don’t have the range, and it’s not really a song you can just launch into, is it? I’m not a horn section after all.”

“No, you’re not.”

If you missed it, darlings — and I wouldn’t blame you what with Penny and her Beat Culture boogaloo — Penny was invited to a poetry reading. You know, one of those things held in some trendy café where people of a certain age go to take themselves way too seriously.

Having once been of a certain age and having taken myself way too seriously on more than one occasion, I can’t really give them too hard a time. But the fact of the matter is, a poetry reading generally consists of the following:

1. Actual talented poets, for whom this is really the only way they are ever going to be heard, and so, darlings, my kudos to you if you are one of these poets. Poetry is a vastly misrepresented and misunderstood and a bunch of other misses art, and is vastly underappreciated, undervalued, and a bunch of other unders, up to but excluding underwear. One should never read poetry in one’s underwear, unless, of course, you have the body for it, in which case, I have a very libertine and laissez-faire attitude toward partial nudity and poetry.

2. People reading their diaries and calling it poetry. This always makes me go a big rubbery one, because it’s so personal and intimate and — let me stress this with italics, darlings — none of my fucking business. Honestly, it’s embarrassing.

3. People who honestly try, but who honestly shouldn’t. I know, darlings, I’m a terrible snob, but the fact of the matter is, not all of us can paint La Guernica, not all of us can compose Janie Jones, not all of us can perform open heart surgery, and not everyone is a poet. Yes, yes, you’re going to give me the subjectivity of art speech, and you can just can it right now, darlings, because at some point there has to be some kind of quality control, or else the world would be full of Ke$shas and Justin Biebers, and there would never be Radiohead, Tori Amos, Mos Def or Jack White.

4. Poseur wannabe critics who, while they’ve written nothing at all, pour their derision upon everything, declaring everything bourgeois elitist tripe. Fuck those assholes.

5. The friends and family of people in groups 2 & 3. They are either bored or embarrassed and resentful of the fact that they have to endure this, or else, they are over-enthusiastic enablers who encourage these people unconditionally to keep doing what they should definitely fucking stop doing.

And then there’s Penny. Penny doesn’t write poetry. Or, she does, but she makes no claim to be a proficient or passingly profound poet. Instead, she is, in her own way, something of a performance artist. I mean, why else go around talking like a Dickensian street urchin from time to time, or, her new favourite, 1920s gangster. I swear, if I hear the phrase “You’ll never take me alive, copper!” one more time, those words are going to be her own self-fulfilling prophesy. I may make them her epitaph on her gravestone.

Tonight, she is going as ironic hipster poet, and while she has not given me notice as to what she is going to read, I can only assume it is something that is going to embarrass me, make me laugh until chocolate milk shoots out my nose (whether or not I am even in the vicinity of the chocolatey concoction) and likely certainly go over the heads of an entire generation that seems to have gotten their sense of irony shot off in some war, or else it atrophied for the lack of an appropriate font and/or emoticon.  Which means that she’s either going to confuse, or else piss off, a crowd of people who, as I mentioned before, take themselves way too seriously.

Grab your helmets, darlings. There’s going to be fallout.


We arrived at the café bar, just as some mousy-looking girl with a ukulele was singing — I kid you not — a ukulele version of Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails. I suspect if Trent Reznor had known that this would someday happen, he might have pursued a career in computer engineering and stayed in rural Pennsylvania.

There may or may not have been a house band playing beat jazz while a trumpeter with a mute riffed and a guy who looked remarkably like Tom Waits sang scat into the microphone, dressed in a pinstripe suit and a flashy yellow tie, his fedora pushed down into his eyes while he boogied on the stage like a pre-Thriller Michael Jackson on anti-seizure medication.

Wow, Helena, that’s a very specific reference.

Glad to see you’re still awake, darlings.

I say there may or may not have been — you see, I’ve been accused of being an unreliable narrator in the past, and I confess that for the sake of good storytelling, I have been known to indulge my more creative side and take a certain slippery license with the facts. So please allow me to regale you without being constrained to such pedestrian concepts as “the truth” or “things that are in the realm of possibility” and just sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

As I’d previously feared, some poor, socially awkward young man took the stage to read a letter he’d written to the girl that had recently dumped him, and it was not at all in the vein of Mike Myers’ character from So I Married an Axe Murderer, which would have at least been amusing.

(“He wants you back,” he screamed into the night air like a fireman going to a window that has no fire… except the passion of his heart. I am lonely. It’s really hard. This poem… sucks.)

He was applauded for his bravery and I did my very best to keep my mouth shut, because you never know — he could be the next Charles Manson, who, by the way, recorded an album with Brian Wilson and the other Beach Boys — no, I’m not joking, darlings.

Wow, is that two Beach Boys references in this story?

Why yes, I believe it is, darlings, thanks for keeping track. That’s very useful.

Penny had signed up, despite my protests, and refused to tell me what she was going to do, which only made my anticipation (read: anxiety) all the greater.

There were a couple of good poets who were shy, a couple of really good poets who had the spoken word thing down, and I felt bad that they weren’t as appreciated as they should have been, though Penny, never breaking character, declared them like, crazy; like, wow, and snapped her fingers enthusiastically.

Then it was Penny’s turn to take the stage, and she sauntered like Marlene Dietrich, and I half expected her to break into some sort of cabaret number, but instead, she kind of purred and launched into her bit, still affecting that stoned hipster drawl.

“This is a little poem my good friends Neal and Jack showed me,” she said, and I had to bite my lip to stop from smirking.

“Blah blah blah,” she said in an eloquent tone, betraying nothing. “Blah blah blah blah blah.”

She paused, taking in her audience, who clearly didn’t know what to do with her.

“Coming out of your mouth with your blah blah blah. Zip your lips like a padlock and meet me at the back with the jack and the jukebox.

“I don’t really care where you live at!”

Penny was hamming it up. Her voice had become that of Vivien Leigh from Streetcar, or maybe Sir Laurence Olivier in one of his character roles. (Which I thought was terribly strange, darlings, seeing as those two had been married to one another — what statement Penny may or may not have been making with this, I know not.)

“Just turn around boy,” Penny continued sotto voce, “and let me hit that.

“Don’t be a little bitch with your chit chat, just show me…”

Here the Countess of Cool paused for dramatic effect.

“…where your dick’s at.  Thank you.”

A stunned audience applauded, and I stood to rush the stage before she did any further damage, but was silenced as Penny launched right into her next piece. After delivering Ke$sha lyrics as if they were poetry, I could only guess where she was going next. The dreaded Biebs.

“Yo, B-I-G,” Penny yelled into the microphone in her whitest of white girl voices. “I don’t know if this makes sense, but you’re my hallelujah.”

She pointed to me and I just knew that I’d soon be surrounded by lesbians. The first time that someone mistook Penny and I for partners instead of Aunt and Niece, she just thought it was too funny to let drop, and so takes every opportunity to try to recreate the incident, even if I’m with Spenser. I could be slow dancing with Spenser, his hands in my back pockets and me nibbling at his neck, and that wouldn’t stop Penny from making a scene, which actually happened — pardon me while I digress.

Spenser and I were dancing to some old ‘80s song — I think it was Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, which, autoerotic asphyxiation aside, still holds up — and Penny came and tore us apart and launched immediately into accusing me of cheating on her. And with a man no less.

Penny can be quite possessive of me, but she also likes to bust my ovaries just for giggles.

But I have digressed, and needs must that I rewind.


“I don’t know if this makes sense, but you’re my hallelujah. Give me a time and place, and I’ll rendezvous it, I’ll fly you to it, I’ll beat you there.”

Penny knew just how to get on my nerves. When I first heard this song while scrolling through the radio, I nearly drove off the road laughing. I couldn’t believe that those were actual lyrics. After clearing the chocolate milk from the windshield (because, you see… well, you get the picture, darlings) I righted myself and Penny informed me that the song was, in fact, by Justin Bieber, and suddenly I understood why he was the object of ridicule for anyone over the age of 10.

“Girl, you know I got you,” Penny said dramatically. “Us, trust…”

If there had been a jazz drummer, he would have done a hi-hat and snare rim shot, and then stopped for dramatic pause.

Penny looked at her audience and then made her eyes well up with tears to deliver the final, terrible line in a hushed whisper: “A couple of things I can’t spell without ‘U’”

“Yes, yes,” I said under my breath as the applause — less this time, because I think the audience was catching on that she was kind of making fun of them a little bit — died down. “You’ve made your point, Penelope. Pop lyrics are ridonkulous when put in a different context. Don’t overstay your welcome. Don’t go too far.”

But as my good friend Ferris once said, you can never go too far, and this is an adage that I have used with Penny a number of times, and one she had made something of a personal philosophy.

“I’d like to read a poem that means so much to a very special someone here tonight. I love you, Helena.”

As soon as she started reading, I knew that this was payback for some long forgotten slight or embarrassment — perhaps my inability to stop telling the story of how she played with her own poo like it was marbles as a child, or that one time I convinced her that My Chemical Romance had reformed under the name Watery Mayhem and gave her tickets to their secret gig at Lee’s Palace, only for her to discover that Watery Mayhem was a Bay City Rollers cover band. She had Saturday Night stuck in her head for weeks, and she swore one day she’d get her revenge.

Karma, as they say, truly is a bitch.

“Karma,” Penny began, staring me down and vamping it up, as if she were singing me a love song. “Karma karma karma.”

I glared right back at her and gave her the slice of my finger across my throat. All eyes were on me and I had to force a smile.

“Karma chameleon,” she finished. “You come and go. You come…”

A hush fell over the small audience.

“…and go. Thank you very much, you hep cats and kitties. I’ll be here all night. Try the veal.”

At that point, I did rush the stage, and Penny planted a big wet one right on my lips right before I dragged her out, howling like a crazed hyena on laughing gas.

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30 thoughts on “Guest Post – A Special Short Story Written by Helena Hann-Basquiat – “Poetry Slam, Daddy-O!”

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  2. Pingback: Laughter or Tears? | Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Dilettante

  3. Too many choice moments to even list here.
    Wait. Let me at least give a shout out to Charles Manson recording a song with the Beach Boys. Really???

    And tell Penny to go with the beret. I ALWAYS wore a Kangol beret when I slammed. xoxo

    • Dunno why, but I’ve been on a Beach Boys kick the last couple of days. Weird. Maybe it’s a sign, and Brian Wilson has died or something. Knock on wood.

      • Wait! I have to mention this one, because I just remembered it:
        “She pointed to me and I just knew that I’d soon be surrounded by lesbians.”

  4. Yep! A lady on a journey to the never-never-land of poetry reading with the Beach Boys and Charles Manson! 🙂 Great story! Loved it!
    Thanks for the ping-back/inclusion on your list – The Wayward Warrior humbly bows his head in appreciation.

    • You’re welcome T.B. – your poem is simply wonderful, particularly as you have enamoured me to two things that are creepy (spider and mantis), so that is no mean feat 😉 Glad to be promoting your work here 🙂

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