Poem / Poetry – “The Creative Horizon Where No-One Else Has Been”

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the realm once again.

Here is tonight’s effort as part of a poetry chain that I have joined – hope you like it 😀

Sunset over Pacific ocean with coconut palm tree by	Andrew Mandemaker

“The Creative Horizon Where No-One Else Has Been” by David Ellis

The direction of the wind
Always lets us know who we really are
Helps us to see all of the truly beautiful things
In a world that cannot easily be touched

Love and cherish the moments that you share
When the energy spreads
The boundaries that were once lost in forbidden dreams
Are now constantly shifting, evolving
Reinventing and redefining within the blink of an eye

The measures of who we are
Allow for the occasional mistake
Freedom comes from the many choices
That others often fail to find the courage to make

We can judge people on
The harvest that they bring in
Yet, if you pay your own way
By bringing happiness, compassion and kindness into lives
Then its obvious who is the richer man or woman

If by preparing for the worst
Means that we do our absolute best today
Our tears won’t be in vain or born of pain
They will be tears of joy
Inspiring others as they bathe in this glorious rain

Out of problems grow humble solutions
Opportunities may not present themselves at convenient times
However, nothing ever determines where you can go
It merely determines where you can start from
This is where you can make all the difference
Where the sun sets as it prepares to rise again
Thought is your wind, so sail onward valiantly to success my friends
Let your heart take charge, as you conquer the journey within


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