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Today I’m going to be interviewing a published author, artist, devoted Mom and incredible poet. She has just come off the back of winning an award at the recent BlogHer16 Conference and is responsible for the phenomenal BeReal series that has focused on letting people express themselves and tell us what being real means to them.

Before we start the interview, please take a moment to check out the BlogHer & GoDaddy initiative “The Pitch” which Hastywords herself has participated in. At the BlogHer16 Conference in Los Angeles, they invited attendees to join them to pitch their innovation, business, blog, or big idea for a chance to be published on the SheKnows Media website. Participants had 30 seconds to pitch on the spot, and the race against the clock proved to be both challenging and exhilarating for all of those who entered. SheKnows Media have now narrowed the entrants down to the Top 20 Videos and Hastywords has made it into the final Top 20.

You can vote for your favourite video by clicking on the link below and following the instructions before the deadline of 31st August 2016. By voting, you also enter yourself in for a chance to win a $200 gift card from SheKnows Media and you will also be supporting female entrepreneurism.


Now, on to the interview!

Hasty – thank you for joining me today to give us a greater insight into your passions and your engaging work.

I am so honored you want to interview me.

I notice that you have just recently published a book of poetry called Turning Tears Into Words: A Poetic Journal. Congratulations! Please tell us about it in more detail and why you chose to bring this particular project to life.

Yes, my latest book is actually a journal. I wanted to offer more than just my words. So after having finished a project with Lizzi Lewis I decided to create a series of journals that include my poetry as inspiration. So the new books will be journal lined fillable pages interspersed with my poetry. Each book will focus on a different emotion. Turning Tears Into Words: A Poetic Journal focuses on depression.


You also recently collaborated with Lizzi Lewis on another poetry journal called Let Me Love You, Anyway: A Poetic Journal. You can read the interview with Lizzi here (Author Interview – Lizzi Lewis). What inspired you to write it with Lizzi and how do you handle the collaborative process?

I used to host poetic duets on my blog. One of those duets was a poem titled Let Me Love You, Anyway. It was a poem very dear to me and we actually still write new verses back and forth when one or the other is down. Lizzi is a fantastic writer and I am in complete awe of the way she uses her words. We decided we wanted to create something other people could use. A journal with our words as a guide. We want others to buy the journal and fill it with love and gift it to someone they care about.

As far as handling the collaborative process…we respect each other’s ideas and opinions. We trust each other and we love each other. She is easy to collaborate with.


Who are some of the authors in general that inspire you?

Recently the writers who inspire me are other bloggers. I enjoy reading them and I have learned so much about how to write with beauty. They inspire other people with what they write every day. Just to name a few: Lizzi Lewis, Byron Hamel, Rachel Thompson, Darla Halyk, Samara Speaks, and so many of the writers with the Feminine Collective.

This is not your first outing when it comes to publishing. You have previously published poetry collections called Depression’s Dance & Darker Side of Night. Tell us more about these particular collections and what we can expect to find in them.

After discussing dreams with my daughter she asked me what my dream was. I told her I would like to publish a book someday. She said why wait. Why wait indeed? So I published The Darker Side of Night which has some of my more supernatural poetry. Depression’s Dance is about the dance I had with Depression. I wrote it with the voice of the Depression as a character and my poetic responses to it. I wanted people who don’t understand depression to see what it looks like… feels like.


You have two blogs – Hastywords and Fearing Crazy – tell us more about them, what types of writing you publish on them and where you get your inspirations from.

I do have two blogs. Hastywords was my original blog where I wrote poetry for therapy. Over time I began writing poetic duets and collaborating with my followers in the hopes of spreading the love of poetry. I want everyone to know how therapeutic it is and how important it is for mental health. Eventually, I ended that series because I had less time to devote to it.

I began asking others to write for me when my daughter was having a hard time with a bully at school. It was disturbing enough I nearly had the FBI investigate. However, I decided to do something different. I asked people to share their bully stories. My daughter learned she wasn’t alone. It was a valuable series and it helped her.

The next series was called #BeREAL. At the time there was an internet challenge that went viral. It was asking people not to judge a book by its cover and yet the challenge was asking kids to do just that. Kids would make themselves “ugly” by wearing classes and drawing on acne and then show themselves as beautiful.

My daughter wears glasses. She was feeling the pressure to conform and that didn’t sit well with me. So I wanted to show her REAL people dealing with real struggles. The series was supposed to run for a month and ended up running for two years. I am so honored to have hosted so many AMAZING REAL people who trusted me with their real stories.

Currently, I am running a similar series called #BeREALationships. I want to know about an important relationship where something valuable was learned. We all have them. We all learn from them.


FEARING CRAZY is where I write my own poetry now. My thoughts and my dreams are there. I love where Hastywords is now and needed my own place to write.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

I don’t do research. I just feel. I write for me and my daughter and hope other people benefit. I love to create. It doesn’t cost me anything to create but you never know what benefit other people might take from your creations.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I used to write poetry in high school but I stopped when my poems were largely laughed at. Later after a near suicide my therapist recommended I start writing again. I started a blog and it has been a beautiful ride since then.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I read other people’s work. Those bloggers I mentioned above, they are inspiring. I just stop writing until I feel like writing again.


How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I do so many different things. I have a full time job as an Oil & Gas Accountant. I have a 12 year old daughter who loves drama, sports, and has a very busy social calendar. I spend the rest of the time doing anything creative. I love to draw in pastels, take pictures, and use photoshop. Creating…it’s what I love to do.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

I am going to create a whole series of journals. I am also working on a Children’s book for my daughter. Stay tuned for a new Hastywords facelift. A new domain and new possibilities for all those who write and share with me.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Free your voice. Let it flow and just write.

I would also like to invite anyone with a valuable relationships story to tell to email me at



Hastywords is an anxiety driven over-analyzer. With a mind full of rainbows and devils, she began giving her thoughts a way out of her head by starting her own blog. Writing poetry helps her gain perspective and purge her soul by putting her tears and laughter into words!

Hastywords can be found at her blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

You can buy her new Poetry Journals here:-

Turning Tears Into Words: A Hastywords Journal – Paperback
Let Me Love You, Anyway: A Poetic Journal – Paperback

And you can find her poetry collection books here:-

Darker Side of Night
Depression’s Dance

If you too would like to be interviewed on my blog at TooFullToWrite and you have a book or a series of books that you would like us to chat about then fill out the Contact Me form here with your details and we can arrange a future interview slot.

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20 thoughts on “Author Interview – Hastywords – Darker Side Of Night & Depression’s Dance

    • It wasn’t difficult. You have a lot of great things to say and promote. I look forward to seeing where the rest of your projects go. Good luck with the BlogHer contest too – whatever happens you’ve done an excellent job getting into the Top 20, that’s for sure 🙂

  1. Wonderful Hasty! I am so excited for you and for all of us to get our hands on these extraordinary poetry journals. You are amazing and brilliant. So proud to call you friend. This was a fantastic interview. Xx

    • Lizzi if this it was it is going to be like and I get to interview wonderful people like you then I couldn’t ask for more. You’ve been a fantastic guest and I look forward to many more people reading your exploits, along with where your writing takes you in the future. And don’t be afraid to tell all your friends, I will be happy to interview them too if they have written or been published in a book 🙂

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