Author Interview – John Hanley – Against The Tide, The Last Boat & Diamonds For The Wolf

Hey there everyone.

For today’s treat to get us over hump day, I have been lucky enough to spend some time chatting to author John Hanley about his exciting Historical Fiction novels which are full of action, adventure, wit, suspense and even a bit of romance.

So without further ado, it’s time for John to take us back to the past, as we all have a blast finding out more about his books and writing techniques.


Hi there John, wonderful to have you here as a guest today.

Let’s begin with your published novels Against The Tide, The Last Boat & Diamonds For The Wolf: Volume 3 (Jack Renouf). Tell us more about them and the genre(s) that they find themselves in, along with your own experiences that have fuelled them and how they all link together.

Growing up in Jersey, which was occupied by the Germans from 1st July 1940 to 9th May 1945, I’ve always been fascinated by that period. The island is littered with the artefacts of war as Hitler was so obsessed with keeping the only English territory he ever seized that the Germans excavated more earth and poured more concrete into the Channel Islands than they did in the entire Atlantic Wall on the continent!

My mother had been trapped in the island and had to endure those five long years. I wondered what it would have been like for me had, like her, I’d been born in 1920 so decided to find out through writing.

Common wisdom is that a first time novelist should write about subjects with which he is very familiar so I chose the Jersey Swimming Club’s massive tidal pool – the largest in Europe – as the base for “AGAINST THE TIDE”. I spent all my summers from the age of 12 to 22 there during the 50’s and 60’s and it had hardly changed since 1939 when the novel series starts.

Though the principal characters are all fictional, their attitudes and attributes are inspired by my observations of young and old friends and acquaintances from both periods. The central theme which continues throughout the entire series is about the relationships amongst and between Jack, Saul, Caroline and Rachel.

The initial plot developed when I discovered information about a German spy who was sent to photograph defences in 1939. The visit of HMS Jersey – a destroyer partly funded by the island – happened during this period so I was able to combine the two and involve the principal characters in this episode.

Further research revealed that the island’s beneficial tax and loose financial arrangements had been exploited by Fascist sympathisers to assist the Germans to defeat the embargo imposed by the British on industrial diamonds. The reluctance of local politicians to prevent this forces the main characters to take the law into their own hands. Because of this ‘swimming against the tide’ behaviour the novel shifts genre from romantic entanglement, through political intrigue into outright thriller action.

The second novel, “THE LAST BOAT” starts in June 1940 with Jack and Saul helping to evacuate members of the British Expeditionary Force from France. The opening scenes are historically accurate and provide a harrowing eyewitness account of the German bombing of HMT Lancastria which is sunk with the loss of over 5,000 troops and civilians in less than ten minutes. Coinciding with this evacuation the British managed to rescue the world’s entire supply of ‘heavy water’ from Paris where Nobel prize winner Professor Frédéric Joliot had been using it in experiments to moderate chain reactions in uranium.

At the time, very few physicists understood how important this was and how essential it would be to the development of atomic weapons. Having escaped the tragedy of the Lancastria, Jack, Saul and a collection of French Foreign Legionnaires have to fight off German troops and “Fifth Columnists” to transport this “shipment” to England.

Even though the romantic element is still fundamental, this novel is mainly in the action genre. Some reviewers have likened it to a ‘Boys Own Adventure’— a description which is probably accurate for most of the activities undertaken by S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive) during the war!

Churchill set up S.O.E to ‘set Europe ablaze’ and, after several adventures transporting the ‘heavy water’ to safety, both Saul and Jack are recruited into this organisation by Ian Fleming, the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence.
Fleming is best known for his own writing but played a very central role in the secret war. Some of the real plans he formulated now seem even more bizarre than the fictional ones he cooked up for James Bond.

In the third novel, DIAMONDS FOR THE WOLF, set in 1941, Jack is thrown into one of these — Operation” Ruthless”, when Fleming commandeers a captured Heinkel III bomber and tries crash land it in the sea in an attempt to intercept and storm a German naval vessel and steal its code books. While this plan was Fleming’s brainchild, the driving force behind it was Alan Turing who believed that his code breaking through ENIGMA could win the war. Without the latest naval codes, he believed the war would be lost. “Ruthless” went operational so what happened? The answer is in the novel!


You mention that you have a series of ten novels planned in total. This is going to excite your readers a lot, since we know that we are going to be expecting many more books from you for years to come! How have you come up with this particular number and do you have specific themes that you are aiming to touch upon with your subsequent books?

The fourth novel is on the stocks and starts in August 1941 when Jack and Saul travel in the brand new battleship, HMS Prince of Wales, to the Atlantic Conference in Newfoundland. Churchill is also aboard and is hoping to persuade the American President, Roosevelt, to join him in fighting the Fascists. Jack and Saul, both now sub-lieutenants in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Special Branch) are being sent as liaison officers to share their experiences in commando operations with the United States Marine Corps.

Beyond that I plan to publish a new novel every 18 months or so, each set against the background of real, if little known events. Each will take place during a short intense period and be structured along similar lines to the previous ones focusing on action but digging quite deeply into the political and military considerations driving them.

The final novel, “HO 17” was written before the “AGAINST THE TIDE” was published and is set in 1990. All four of the main characters feature though the protagonist is different but related to one of them. As the characters have lives of their own in the series they have forced me to make many changes to the ‘history’ and I constantly have to update this final work! Already, I have been surprised by their actions and events I hadn’t imagined have happened literally as I type!

If your novels were to be made into movies, who would you cast in the lead roles?

Not Tom Cruise! As the novelist I would have no say in who was cast. I read something this week from a well-known author who had the temerity to point out an historical inaccuracy in a scene during filming only to be told by the producer to ‘relax and have another glass of free champagne’.

Who are some of the authors in general that inspire you?

John D MacDonald has been an inspiration since I first discovered him in the 1960’s.

His sparse and focused style has always impressed and I love his wit and wisdom. Recently, all of his Travis McGee novels have been reissued in Kindle format with a foreword for each produced by my other favourite contemporary author, Lee Child.

Both have produced long series with a very strong male protagonist and in, JD’s case, written in the first person, which is my preferred style. Child writes some of the Jack Reacher series from the same perspective but most are in the third person.


What sort of research do you do to write your books?

I’m obsessive about historical accuracy and spend an inordinate amount of time researching in physical archives, my own library of period books (500+) and on line but, particularly, I study photographs of particular events. I find I can learn so much from just looking – after all a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t it?

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always been a writer from the time I taught myself to type at the age of 14 but I only really invested serious time in it once I retired from teaching teenagers English and Drama.

It’s always been a dream or a series of daydreams when carrying out the multitude of managerial tasks my ultimate role in education demanded. I’ve had to write millions of words to gain my qualifications and in the course of my teaching and managerial career so the discipline of writing to deadlines wasn’t new or a great challenge.

Writing readable fiction was though and, through a process of trial and error I developed my current first person narrative style. I sought feedback from professional editors and learned a lot about ‘showing and not telling’. I also tested my writing on an authors’ website where, in return for reviewing other’s work, yours gets the once over as well. That was a sobering experience as stories are allocated randomly and it was not unusual for someone whose first love is vampire stories having to read and review my historical fiction. I learned that achieving a broad appeal is not simple.


What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I don’t write everyday though I do spend time in promoting my books through social media so I’m constantly in touch with my characters and their stories. New ideas are humming in the background especially when I’m carrying out mundane tasks such as swimming training. I’m quite patient and prepared to wait until my research is sufficiently advanced for me to write and create scenes with confidence. Because of my theatrical background I tend to visualise the story as a series of scenes and endeavour to create a hook to the end of each section or chapter.

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I have two daughters who have each produced a son so I love looking after them. I also swim (I’m lucky enough to have my own outdoor pool – it’s England so swimming in the rain has to be enjoyed as well.) I play golf, strategy games on the computer and watch TV shows like Glee which my friends find appalling. However, I used to produce musical shows with my students and love the buzz.


Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

  • Initially I used to let the story flow through my finger tips on the keyboard but now I try to edit as I write.
  • I would recommend paying for an opinion from a professional about your style especially your sentence construction.
  • Don’t rely on your spell checker or relations for proof-reading.
  • Don’t overwrite. Are all your adverbs really necessary? Following the advice of a professional editor, I killed thousands of mine in “AGAINST THE TIDE” to improve the flow. It hurt at the time but I have suffered no regrets!

And that’s a wrap – thank you for your time John.



John F Hanley was born in Jersey in 1946. He grew up surrounded by the massive fortifications the Nazis had constructed to stop the British reclaiming the island they had bombed and occupied in 1940. He discovered that everyone, including his mother, who had endured that occupation had stories to tell. Eventually, he decided to immerse himself in the history of that period and use some of that first-hand material to write a series of novels set during the Second World War.

Before he had the luxury of retirement to fund the time for such a venture he spent nearly forty years teaching in London, Cornwall and Jersey where he ended his career as deputy headteacher of his old high school.

When he was eighteen he left the island to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He often wondered what it would have been like to be eighteen in 1939 and faced with a rather different choice and this question provided the initial impetus for the series.

He has now completed four novels in the planned series of ten.
The first, Against The Tide, was published on 1st October 2012.
The second, The Last Boat, set in 1940 was published in August 2013
The third, Diamonds For The Wolf set in 1941 was published on 1st September 2015
The final novel, HO 17, is also ready, though, as the characters keep seizing control of their own story lines, he has to constantly update it to accommodate their little surprises.

You can contact John via the following Social Media platforms:-

Website:- The website of John F. Hanley
Facebook Author Page:- John F Hanley – Author (FB)
Amazon Author Page:- John F Hanley (Amazon Author Page)
Goodreads:- John F. Hanley (Goodreads Author)

You can buy his books here:-

Against The Tide by John F. Hanley

The Last Boat by John F. Hanley

Diamonds For The Wolf (Jack Renouf Book 3) by John F. Hanley

If you too would like to be interviewed on my blog at TooFullToWrite and you have a book or a series of books that you would like us to chat about then fill out the Contact Me form here with your details and we can arrange a future interview slot.

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