Author Interview – Derrick Ferguson – The Dillon Adventures, Sebastian Red, Fortune McCall, Fight Card: Brooklyn Beatdown, The Madness of Frankenstein & Search for The Beast

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Hi there Derrick, thank you for agreeing to talk about your creative processes and what drives you as a writer. As a prolific producer of feature length action/adventure inspired pulp novels, in addition to rip roaring Short Stories, you are an inspiration, very entertaining and well worth discovering.

Let’s start with your serialized books, you have three major series that I’d like to focus on, specifically “The Dillon Adventures” (which is your most famous and popular), Sebastian Red and Fortune McCall. Can you give us a deeper insight into their worlds, characters and story arcs that each one of them calls their own? And do any of them share any of the characters or universes with each other in any crossovers at all?

Dillon came into life because I looked around and could not find a black character that was comparable to Doc Savage, James Bond or Indiana Jones. As a teenager, I discovered the Classic Pulps of the 1930’s thanks to the Big Pulp Boom of the 1970’s and it was frustrating for me that apparently there were no great black adventure characters created back then. Therefore, I created Dillon in the mode of those Classic Pulp heroes, inspired by them and Marvel comic books (there is a lot of Jim Steranko’s “Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in Dillon’s DNA) I tried unsuccessfully back in the 1980’s to get publishers and agents interested in the character.

“Dillon and The Voice of Odin” was first written back then and I must have sent it to 20 or 30 publishers and two dozen agents. I had a couple of agents tell me flat out that they couldn’t sell the book unless I changed Dillon from a black man to a white one. It wasn’t until the New Pulp Movement came around and the miracle of self-publishing came into existence that I could get the character out there directly to the public who love him and eagerly await every new adventure.


Sebastian Red came out of my love of westerns. Unfortunately, I’m a lazy so-and-so when it comes to research. Thankfully, we have the Weird Western genre, which gave me license to go nuts and do what I wanna do. So Sebastian Red roams the weird wild west of The United Republic of America where magic is as commonplace as six-shooters. Nobody bats an eye when a vampire shows up. They’re just another daily hazard of living in the West of that Earth. When people ask me to describe what the Sebastian Red stories are like I say; “Imagine if Sergio Leone, Michael Moorcock and Karl Edward Wagner had gotten together to make a western. They’re pretty much like that.”

Fortune McCall is my take on doing a black pulp hero in the 1930’s. Dillon takes place in the modern world of the 21st Century and as a result, he doesn’t have to deal with a lot of stuff that Fortune McCall has to deal with. Even though he’s an enormously wealthy black man with a royal heritage, he’s still a black man in the 1930’s.

I was fascinated by the challenge of creating a black hero and having him live and work in that era while still being true and faithful to the racial issues of that time. When Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Productions came to me with an offer to join his Sovereign City project I jumped at the chance. Since Sovereign is a fictional city I found I could bend some rules here and there. I look forward to returning to Sovereign City and continuing Fortune McCall’s adventures. If I can exercise some self-control and stop allowing myself to be distracted with side projects!

Dillon and Fortune McCall share the same universe as I’ve mentioned McCall’s native land of Khusra many times and Dillon has had a number of adventures there. In “Dead Beat In Khusra” Dillon meets the elderly Tracy Scott who has apparently outlived Fortune McCall and their friends.

Sebastian Red is on his own separate Earth but there have been some hints that his Earth and Dillon’s may intersect at some point. One of the gods that Sebastian Red worships is Thahali, She Who Wears The Dress of Seven Sufferings. She is the entity that destroyed Dillon’s homeland of Usimi Dero.

You also have three stand-alone novels – “Fight Card: Brooklyn Beatdown”, “The Madness of Frankenstein” & “Search for The Beast” (with The Beast being released in May 2016). What sort of experiences can we expect from these titles? Are they different in tone to your serialized works?

They’re all very different in tone from what readers usually expect from me. I’m really fond of “Fight Card: Brooklyn Beatdown” and take great pride in that it’s the first book in the Fight Card family that has an African-American as the protagonist. In fact, most of the cast is black. As it’s a work of fiction I do take some liberties but it’s set in Brooklyn of the 1950’s and this is one time that I didn’t mind doing the research, being a proud Brooklynite born and raised. Even though it’s set in the 1950’s I consider it a homage to the films of the Blaxploitation Era of the 1970’s.

“The Madness of Frankenstein” is my homage/tribute to Hammer horror films. Get used to all the movie references as I often think I’m a frustrated film director. While I’m writing my stories and novels they tend to play out like a film on my Mental Movie Screen. But I was also intrigued by seeing if I could write a story in which there’s not one single likeable character in the story and yet, get people to read it from start to finish. Most of the email feedback I get on that book usually starts off with the reader telling me they hated every character in the book but yet, they couldn’t stop reading it.

“Search For The Beast” came to me in a really interesting way. Tommy Hancock met the writer/producer/director of the movie the book is based on and somehow Tommy talked the guy into letting me do what I like to call an “interpretation” of the movie. Therefore it’s not necessarily a straight adaptation of the actual movie. In an unprecedented show of faith, I was allowed to go nuts to add whatever motivation and characterization I though would add to the story. And much like “The Madness of Frankenstein” is a homage to Hammer and “Fight Card: Brooklyn Beatdown” a homage to Blaxploitation, “Search For The Beast” is my Grindhouse movie in prose.


Tell us more about your Short Story collaborations. I see you have contributed to various anthologies. Have you co-authored any books with other authors? And if you have then can you describe the experience and what you like most about it?

I’m very fortunate in that I’ve reached a level of professionalism where editors actively seek me out and ask me to contribute to their anthologies. The short stories are often a lot of fun to write and I enjoy the opportunity to step out my universe and work with other characters. Writing a Sinbad story for Airship 27’s “Sinbad: The New Voyages” was a blast as I got to do my version of a Ray Harryhausen Sinbad movie. My story for “Legends of New Pulp Fiction” was massively fun to do as I got to write a black Lord of The Jungle. And the story I wrote for “Bass Reeves: Frontier Marshal” is the first ‘straight’ western I’ve ever written and it was a challenge to write a western without having fantasy elements to fall back on.

My favorite collaboration with another writer has to be “The Vril Agenda” with Joshua Reynolds. It had long been my dream to team up Dillon with a Classic Pulp character. And Josh has done an absolutely brilliant job with re-imagining Jim Anthony. As a character, he has long been dismissed as a mere clone of Doc Savage. But once Josh took hold of him and began working with him he transformed into his own man who doesn’t have to stand in the shadow of any other character. Writing the book was nothing but fun from start to finish. Which it’s supposed to be. I don’t understand writers who whine and complain about how hard writing is and what a chore it is to get the words down. If it’s that much of a chore then go do something else. I dunno…sell Tupperware or take up hockey. My point is that writing is a solitary pursuit that means who have to spend a lot of time by yourself with just the people in your head for company. Which means you damn well better enjoy it and have fun doing it.

Joel Jenkins and I worked on a book called “The Specialists” that has all the stories co-starring Dillon with Joel’s character, the hard rock musician/mercenary Sly Gantlet. That was an extraordinary amount of fun because you put Dillon and Sly Gantlet together and what you have is essentially Bob Hope and Bing Crosby or Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. But with guns, explosions and split second escapes from fates worse than death.

What do I like most about collaborations? Getting to share ideas with another writer and getting to see your characters through their eyes. I’m currently co-writing a Dillon story being serialized on my Patreon site and seeing the character of Dillon through the eyes of my co-writer Erik Fromme has been amazing in that Dillon is a character I know better than I know many family members but I’m still finding out new things about him and this particular collaboration has really brought that home to me.

And by all means, if you want to read some cool stories and throw some bucks my way by means of support then just bounce on over to my Patreon page:

Patreon – Derrick Ferguson is creating Novels, Novellas and Short Stories


If your novels were to be made into movies, who would you cast in the lead roles?

Well, if you go on over to my Dillon site: Casting Call – DILLON you’ll find there’s a whole Casting Call section devoted to my dream casting for Dillon and the various characters from that series.

And this is going to sound strange coming from me as I’m such a huge movie fan but I really don’t spend a lot of time dreaming about movie versions of my books. I know writers who not only dream about movies made out of their books but animated series, comic books, graphic novels, television shows, etc. All that is nice but I can’t let myself think that far ahead. If it happens, it happens and I’ll be the first one to turn handsprings. But I can’t write books and stories while dreaming about it being made into a movie. I’ve got to focus on making it the best book I can produce and God will take care of all the rest.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

The most difficult thing about writing? Probably the beginning. I find that I tend to start the story before the beginning and so when I’m 30, 40 pages it suddenly hits me that THIS is actually where the beginning should be and so I have to toss those pages into the Recycle File to be used somewhere else. Once I get past that point, I’m good to go.

The easiest? Rewriting, actually. My first drafts are these really messy, sloppy creatures. But once I have the whole story in front of me then I can start hacking away at everything that isn’t story and refine what’s left.


Who are some of the authors in general that inspire you?

DF: Sit back and put your feet up. This is going to take a while. Here goes:
Steven Barns. Leigh Brackett. Ray Bradbury. Edgar Rice Burroughs. Stephen J. Cannell. George C. Chesbro. Clive Cussler. Samuel R. Delaney. Lester Dent. Alaxdre Dumas. Will Eisner. Harlan Ellison. Ian Fleming. Dashiell Hammett. Chester Himes. Robert E. Howard. Langston Hughes. Joel Jenkins. Stan Lee. Robert R. McCammon. Walter Mosley. Larry McMurtry. Michael Moorcock. John Ostrander. Ishmael Reed. Mike Resnick. Joshua Reynolds. Charles Saunders. Jim Steranko. Jules Verne. Cornell Woolrich. Roger Zelazny.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

As little as possible.

I kid! I kid! It all depends on what I’m writing. Recently I wrote a World War I novel in which The Battle of Cambria plays a major role and so I had to do a ton of research on the weaponry and uniforms of three different countries as well as trench warfare and how it was fought. But I don’t mind doing research now that we have The Internet. Back during the 1980s, I would have to schedule a Saturday and spend most of the day in the library to do my research. It’s so much simpler now. Oftentimes watching a YouTube video will give me the information I need. Go look up The Battle of Cambria on YouTube. Seriously. I was amazed at how many there were.

When writing Dillon stories, I have to make sure I get the weaponry right. No one will point out your mistakes quicker than gun enthusiasts or martial artists. I remember that in the first edition of “Dillon and The Voice of Odin” I had him carrying a switchblade. I got at least a dozen emails from martial artists with all kinds of suggestion as what kind of knife Dillon should be carrying and he should lose the switchblade. He also originally carried a Desert Eagle Magnum but on the advice of a reader who sent me a three-page email, Dillon now carries a Jericho 941.

I know writers who tell me that doing research is the best part of writing a book and I say God bless ‘em. I’m the kind of writer who will make up a fact rather than look it up.


Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I think that when you have a brain that’s hardwired to tell stories you have no choice but to be a writer. When I was a kid I used to tell myself stories to fall asleep. Why do I write? Because there are books I want to read and since nobody else is writing them, I have to. My inspiration for writing is simple; I love telling stories. I love reading stories. There’s a satisfaction I get when somebody emails me or tells me face to face that they enjoyed something I’ve written that I don’t get from anything else in life.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I don’t believe in Writer’s Block. Never have. Never will. But maybe that’s because I’ve been writing for so long that I can’t comprehend NOT writing. I’m always writing something. If it’s not fiction, it’s movie reviews or book reviews. I used to write a ton of Star Trek and Marvel and DC superhero fan fiction. It’s still available out there if anybody wants to read it. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about it. I don’t put my name on anything I’m embarrassed or ashamed of.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I write like a word producing machine every day. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing. Or I’ve got other things going on that demand my full attention. So I take a few days off. And it’s okay to do that. After finishing a big project I’ll usually take three or four days off. I think it’s okay to do so. It’s when it stretches into weeks or even months is when the problem sets in.


How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

Either reading or watching movies. I am a huge movie fanatic; I watch movies all the time. I’ve got a movie review site where I’ve written somewhere around 300 or so movie reviews. I also like taking road trips. My wife Patricia and I will take the slightest excuse to jump in the car and just GO. Half the time we don’t know where we’re going to end up. We just like running up and down the road.

I’m a casual video game player. VERY casual. Which means I’m not at all interested in playing online. I play video games to relax and the stories I’ve heard about online gaming have led me to the conclusion it’s not for me. I’ve got a Xbox 360 and my favorite games to play are “SoulCalibur IV”, “Fight Night Round 4”, the “Bioshock” series and one of these days I swear I’m going to play “Mass Effect” all the way through. I allow myself to get distracted with side missions and as a result have never played the game all the way through.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

My publisher at Pulpwork Press has the completed manuscript of “Dillon Annual Collection Vol. I” which collects six Dillon stories in one volume. Four of the stories appeared in “Four Bullets For Bullet” and I just added two more that were published separately. That should be published in the next month or so.

I’m going to be doing another Bass Reeves story for Airship 27’s “Bass Reeves: Frontier Marshal Vol. II.” For Airship 27 I’m also going to be doing “Voodah, Lord of the Savage Empire” which will be a book with four 15K word stories featuring the character from the award–winning story “Voodah of Thunder Mountain.”


Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. If you’re getting into the writing game because you think you’re going to set the world on fire and publishers are going to backup dump trucks full of money to your front door, forget it. Oh, not that it couldn’t happen but you’ve got a better chance of hitting Lotto.

Be professional. Don’t take yourself too seriously and above all, have FUN. Fame and fortune may come your way but only if you hang in there. You’ll meet talented people that just may become good friends and you’ll be part of a wonderful creative community.

And that’s a wrap!

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Like most everybody these days, I’m on Facebook and Twitter (contacts provide in bio below). And I have three blogs folks might like to follow.

First there’s the Dillon blog which contains everything you want to know about Dillon: DILLON / Derrick Ferguson

Then there’s The Ferguson Theatre where you can find my movie reviews: The Ferguson Theater – Movie Reviews by Derrick Ferguson

And my Blood and Ink blog covers everything else. You’ll find some nifty book reviews and interviews with writers there as well: BLOOD & INK

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DERRICK FERGUSON – is a native of Brooklyn, New York which as all right thinking people know is The Center of The Universe. He’s lived there most of his still young life. He has been married for 30 years to the wonderful Patricia Cabbagestalk-Ferguson who lets him get away with far more than is good for him.

His interests include radio/audio drama, Classic Pulp from the 30’s/40’s/50’s and New Pulp being written today, Marvel and DC superheroes, Star Trek in particular and all Science Fiction in general, animation, television, movies, cooking, loooooong road trips and casual gaming on the Xbox 360.

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222. the15thday – a little after four this morning…
223. For goodness’ sake – This Is Me Thinking
224. If you are excellent, see a psychologist – Tag Alsh
225. A Vibrant Palette – Layers ~ Daily Post Prompt
226. speaking up for myself – Immaculate
227. the way forward is the way back? – Education
228. Summer dress code – Geek Ergo Sum
229. Layers – Literary Phenomenot
230. A Drop Of Tear – Eloraquence
231. Travel Much? – Paris much? Musee du Louvre
232. Boring Bug – How Teletubbies scare the wits out of me!
233. The Wandering Poet – DP Prompt ~ Layers under the sun 
234. Designer Sophisticate – Like a Bloomin’ Onion.
235. new2writing – Holidays for Hounds


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