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Hey there everyone.

Welcome to another fantastic installment of the Author Interview series.

Tonight, we have the pleasure of chatting with The Girlfriend Guru (AKA The Ex-Whisperer), who writes self-help romance books filled to the brim with useful dating advice and how to cope with problems that arise during or after a relationship.

If you are unlucky in love then chances are The Girlfriend Guru has some advice to help put things right in your world again.

Here we go, enjoy the show, have a great evening and thanks for reading.


Hi there Girlfriend Guru, thank you for being our guest today to talk about your books and relationship advice.

Hey David! I am so happy to be here.

Let’s start with your guides “The Girlfriend Guru’s Guide to Breaking Up Without Breaking Down: HOW TO SAY SO LONG TO MR. WRONG” and “The Girlfriend Guru’s Guide to Cheaters And Liars: HOW TO KNOW IF HE’S HAVING AN AFFAIR”. One of the things that I am very passionate about on this website is providing inspirational and supportive advice. Please tell us more about the themes of these guides and touch upon the most important aspects of them.

The Girlfriend Guru Guides are a rather unique blend of self-help and memoir and at times, cross over into true confession. I don’t shy away from sharing extremely intimate stories from my own tumultuous relationships in order to make it real and to help others. The GG Guides are a bit of a cross between a reinvention of Miss Lonelyhearts and Dear Abby with attitude. I consider myself to be an astute amateur psychologist. I’m tough and honest, but compassionate and empathetic. The Girlfriend Guru Guides offer readers a safe place free of judgement. Above all I strive for connection because I believe that is what is most sorely lacking in our technology driven world. People are desperate for true connection with a real person. It’s exactly the opposite of what is available en masse to them on the Internet. The Girlfriend Guru is a good friend.


What was your inspiration behind writing these guides – are they based on personal experiences or those of your family/friends/acquaintances?

People have always come to me for advice on love and life (what else is there?). I’m a good listener and I seem to have an innate gift for making people feel better. I am an optimist, probably to a fault, but it is a survival mechanism that has always worked for me, and it is medicine I prescribe. My glass isn’t just half full it overflows to fill up the glasses of everyone around me. That being said (and I realize this sounds like a total dichotomy) I am also extremely logical and realistic. I get really easily excited and overly enthusiastic about almost everything in life, and I’m a serial daydreamer, but somehow I’m able to keep my feet on the ground through it all. I think it’s that head in one world, feet in another space that I occupy with ease, that makes people come around and want to get some of what I’m having.

I’m forthright about what needs to happen for my readers to change, to see things in a different way, or to pull themselves out of their current predicament. Reaching one’s full potential as a human being requires a fair amount of work, and I tell people how to roll their sleeves up and get the job done. I try to do it kindly, but I can be a rather tough counsellor, and I must admit I am a fan of profanity.

I do also draw on the experiences of my friends and family members and I do not apologize for that. As Anne Lamott said, “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

I naturally have a good ear for dialog, so that’s the easiest thing for me to write, which is mostly what screenplays are made of, so that’s a happy coincidence. I also have an extremely logical and rational brain, so story structure comes very easily for me. I love to plot – especially against my enemies! Description is my least favourite thing to write and to read. I skip those eloquent, long, award worthy descriptions in books, mostly because I don’t have the attention span to wade through them. I love short and concise. Hemingway got it right. So did Elmore Leonard.

Who are some of the authors and/or historical figures that inspire you?

Alice Hoffman is my all time favourite writer because I love the way she weaves magic into the everyday. I relate to that because I see magic everywhere. Make me laugh – I love funny, Nora Ephron, Helen Fielding, Marian Keyes. I also crave a good hard-boiled detective novel, Raymond Chandler, Walter Mosley, Robert B. Parker, Elmore Leonard.

Every strong female who has ever walked the earth inspires me, and I’m fascinated by how the resistance they inevitably face always serves to empower them. I read the transcripts of the Salem Witch Trials as a young woman, and the injustice of it lit a social fire inside me that has never stopped burning.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I couldn’t not write. It comes, as naturally to me as breathing, although it feels more like an itch I need to scratch. What I most love to do is create. I write, I paint, I dance, I garden, I cook, I design and build houses. The mandate I give myself for my creations is to make people feel good, to make them feel better. If I accomplish that then my work is successful.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

Coffee, chocolate, coffee.

Actually I don’t allow myself the luxury of writer’s block. I ascribe to James Thurber’s philosophy, “Don’t get it right, get it written”, and then I rewrite to get it right.


Do you have a specific writing routine or ritual to get you in the mood?

I’m a coffee addict and an early riser. I relish my alone time and raising 4 kids meant I had to get up way before sunrise to steal those moments for myself. I adore sitting in the dark and quiet, nursing a steaming cup of java, dreaming up my stories and conversing with my characters, while watching the sky wake up. I even get up early on vacation to be alone with my thoughts and a hot Columbian (coffee) to witness the sunrise over an exotic ocean or rugged mountain range. I live in the countryside and take a long walk through the forest with my dogs, stopping by the river to meditate before I start writing every day. Then as Earnest Hemingway said:-

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

First I’d wrap my arms around her, rock her on my knee, and gently stroke her face, because I know she needed more comfort and safety than she ever received. I would tell her how deserving she is of unconditional love, which is something she never knew. I would tell her how beautiful her flaws are, and how the mistakes she is bound to make in life will necessarily shape and ground her and guarantee that she evolves as gorgeously human. I would implore her to be her best, to remain real, and to honour her authentic self.

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I swing wildly between being so busy that I often forget to eat for whole days, while allowing myself very little sleep, and losing entire afternoons cloud watching. Moderation is a virtue I do not possess. ADHD on the other hand, I have in spades. I live on beautiful forested land that a river runs through and I walk my dogs through the woods for a good hour every day then sit by the river’s edge to meditate. I am addicted to Nature. I am a professional artist and am very lucky to have a fabulous studio to paint in. I also have an amazing vegetable garden with a pretty potting shed that one of these days I may just move into. I adore yoga and I’m a vegetarian and love to cook vegan food, especially for my four babies, when they come home from their globe trotting adventures to touch base with their hippy mom.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline for future guides?

I’m hoping to do 8 more Girlfriend Guru Guides over the next 12 to 18 months. The next three being;

The Girlfriend Guru’s Guide to Self-Care and Healing for Shell Shocked Relationship Refugees: How to Recreate Yourself;

The Girlfriend Guru’s Guide to Getting Your Groove Back: How to Find and Follow Your Passion


The Girlfriend Guru’s Guide to Batsh*t Crazy Exes: How to Survive Slander, Stalkers and Other Psycho Sickos.

(No shortage of personal fodder for that last one!)

I may take a break in the middle of the GG Guides to work on the first instalment of a cozy mystery series that actually ties in with the Girlfriend Guru Guides (my ADHD permeates every aspect of my life). I’m looking forward to that, it’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’d love to share the progress with you once it gets a little closer.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers in the Non-Fiction genre?

Don’t listen to anybody! You’re the only one who knows the truth about you. As William Goldman said, “Nobody knows anything.” If you’re not your #1 Fan, you need to work on that. You’ve got this.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for all of your witty advice and giving those with dating and relationship problems a positive boost in the right direction 🙂

Bio:- (in her own words)


“As a screenwriter and story editor I have over one hundred hours of television produced and have had numerous feature film scripts optioned by Henry Winkler’s Fair Dinkum Productions at Paramount Pictures and by Interscope Communications for Universal Studios. I have lectured on the topic of screenwriting techniques for novelists at writers’ conferences including Sisters In Crime, Romance Writers of America, Rom-Con (Romantic Times Magazine) and Buff-Con. I also served as a private story editor for bestselling mystery novelist Anne Perry. In addition to my writing, I am a contemporary artist and my abstract paintings hang in galleries throughout Canada and the USA, my work being included in numerous private and corporate collections.

As the Girlfriend Guru (aka The Ex-Whisperer) I guide love’s warriors, rebels, and refugees through the minefield of relationships. My superpowers are my intuition, my enthusiasm, and my capacity to magically make people feel better when they are around me. Transforming the negative into the positive, making the fragmented whole, are abilities that come naturally to me. Through the stories I tell, and the pictures I paint, I work to empower others by bringing them back into alignment with their truest selves and their dearest dreams.

I believe in the power of falling in love with yourself before falling in love with a partner who inspires you, in the passion of love at first sight and the magic of friendships that slowly transform into unconditional love. I believe in embracing change, in taking chances, in going big or going home and in creating a home for yourself that recharges and wraps your wildness in safety. For me the sexiest words in the English language are truth, trust, and integrity and I swear there’s nothing hotter than the nakedness of reality.

I live with my life partner who I just can’t stop kissing and our lovable pets, in the middle of a forest, on the edge of a river, surrounded by a menagerie of wildlife including fairies and other magical creatures. When I’m not writing, painting, walking in nature, gardening, stargazing, moondancing, daydreaming, meditating, yogaing, laughing and loving, I’m welcoming home my four fabulous children who live and study all over the world.”

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