Angela van Son addresses privilege and stigma in her new poem “Back In The Day”

An interview with a very talented poet and great friend of mine, well done Angela van Son!

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Angela van Son, 42, Utretch, Netherlands, is a dutch procrastination coach and poet/writer, Angela explains that she began learning English at the age of 12, and while thinking she never had any creativity, took up a creative course that has led her to rekindle her love for creative writing.

“I loved writing when I was a child, and I’m happy it’s back in my life. I love to play with words, I enjoy the challenge of writing in English, and I love the surprise of an unfolding story or poem. I never know what I’m writing about until I do it.” – Angela van Son

angela van son (2) Angela van Son

We wanted to find out a little more about Angela:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I’m self-employed, working internationally as procrastination coach. I like to help people move forward when they’re stuck, and to work on what’s holding them…

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