Photographer Interview – Susan Mah – Salvadore (Mental Health/PTSD/Self Help)

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After having created my epic Author Interviews Series (stuffed to the gills with writing tips, tricks and inspirational creative experiences), along with the Musician Interviews series (for Singer/Songwriters) and the Scriptwriting Interviews Series (for Screenwriters and playwrights), I now have yet another new series to debut to you all tonight.

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So, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I now have a Photographer Interviews Series and making her debut in it tonight is the wonderfully talented photographer and author Susan Mah.

Time to get this show on the road, so let’s go find out more about the incredible work of Susan Mah and her photography book ‘Salvadore’.


Hi there Susan, thank you chatting with us today about the nature of your photography, along with what motivates and influences you as a photographer.

Firstly, please tell us about your book “Salvadore”, which focuses on the psychological and artistic elements documenting the aftermath of a near-death experience. Please tell us more about what drove you to create it and the interpretational messages that are inherently found in the collection.

I was driven to create the book because I used to work as a psychotherapist in the mental health field. I noticed that whenever we had a patient who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we had no literature to offer him/her. Oftentimes in mental health settings, generic brochures are given to clients regarding depression, anxiety, etc. that feature models posing as people suffering from various disorders. There is no literature available that shows a REAL person talking about his/her REAL-LIFE experience. I thought “Salvadore” could be just that—a real person who survived a neardeath experience sharing his story in his own words. I thought that if another person who suffered from PTSD could see the book, he/she might feel less alone, more understood, and more connected to something outside of him/herself.

Salvadore cover

Did you face any unusual or specific challenges in taking pictures for this collection that you had to come up with creative solutions for?

The challenge of the book is to try to effectively communicate the areas of Salvadore’s life that were negatively impacted by his near-death experience: his vision, motor skills, physical health, musical abilities, social skills, relationships, sense of safety, and mental health. Another challenge is to try and convey a sense of mood or emotion in each image. The goal is for the audience to have a sense of empathy.

Have you always been interested in the type of photography found in “Salvadore” or do you have other genre types of pictures that you have focused on over the course of your career?

No; when I was young, I never took photographs of people. My father was an architect, and he had a big influence on me and my photography (he was my mentor). Consequently, I mainly photographed buildings and cityscapes until I took an environmental portraiture class at Parsons in Paris back in 2011. It was at that point that I became interested in photographing people and changed my focus to portraiture, particularly environmental portraiture, wherein the person and the environment are given equal attention.

What kind of gear/equipment do you use to take your photographs?

When I first started my formal study of photography, I used a Canon Rebel that I borrowed from my cousin because I couldn’t afford my own digital camera. After I returned from my studies in Paris, my mom bought me a Canon EOS 60D. I now shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii, which is a professional-grade camera. It’s fantastic, with a full-frame sensor, which makes a big difference in image quality. I’m extremely grateful to a couple friends of mine who helped me buy it. Overall, I’m not a “gear head” like many photographers. My father’s philosophy in life was “keep it simple,” so that’s what I try to do in my work. If I can use natural light rather than artificial light, that’s always my first choice. And I only have one lens for my Canon 5D Mark iii.


Whose photographic work has influenced you the most in your life?

If I had to choose one photographer, I would say Diane Arbus, whom I first learned about while studying at Parsons. She enjoyed taking photos of individuals whom others would consider odd—e.g., circus performers, drag queens, the mentally disabled. Like her, I feel a connection to unique souls who are often overlooked by mainstream society. As a person whose felt like an outsider for much of my life, I can relate to these folks and taking roads less traveled. Furthermore, I like how Arbus approached her subjects—taking simple shots that aren’t overly staged and seem to keep it real.

Among all of your photographic works, which one is your personal favourite and why is it your favourite?

Difficult question! Oftentimes as a photographer, you will take a photo and feel very strongly about it right afterward. Then as time goes on, you lose those intense feelings about the image and even think: I loved this?!

However, one image of mine that I continue to love is the first image shown on my website in the “Memphis Faces” series:-

Memphis Faces Project – SUSAN MAH PHOTOGRAPHY

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN, which is a city that was, and continues to be, fraught with racism. I just love the image of this couple—the pale white wife and the dark black husband, sitting side by side in their arm chairs, like royalty. After having taken the image, what I didn’t realize until much later is that they each, unconsciously, put their arms in exactly the same position—a sign of positive body language. I also love how incredibly messy their house is, and how they have absolutely no shame about it. It’s like they have this attitude—we are here, as is, and we’re not apologizing for it. There is no attempt to keep up appearances. To me, it feels like a validation of self. They are what Memphis should be.

Memphis Faces Series

(One of the latest shots from Susan Mah’s “Memphis Faces” series…for more images, visit her website, Susan Mah Photography)

When and how were you originally inspired to become a photographer? Also do you have any formal training that you draw upon?

The first time I ever really used a camera was during the sixth grade when I took a trip to Washington, DC with my elementary school. To document my vacation with my classmates, my Dad let me borrow a tiny little camera of his, reminiscent of one used by James Bond when sneaking into top secrets places! I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos during that trip and took at least a dozen rolls of film. But when I got the prints back from the lab, they all had my finger in them! We both had a good laugh about it, but my dad didn’t give up on me. Three years later, after enrolling in a photography class in high school, he bought me a “real” camera and taught me how to shoot manually.

For a long time after high school, I simply shot as a hobbyist, mostly when traveling with my family. However, after working as a therapist for several years, I decided to change career directions and pursue my hobby more seriously. I earned a scholarship to study abroad at Parsons in Paris, then completed my photography studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I earned a Master of Fine Art (MFA).

How do you personally educate yourself to take better pictures? What sort of research do you partake to improve your skills?

I educate myself to take better photographs by looking at others’ work online and attending art exhibitions in the Bay Area or when traveling. I recently viewed Dorothea Lange’s work at the Oakland Museum of CA. It’s always a joy to see the original work of photographers whom I studied in school. In addition, I regularly meet with a mentor (a former professor) and sometimes enter photography contests. The positive and negative feedback I receive from image or portfolio reviews helps me to improve my skills.

Do you use any specific editing software packages or written guides to assist you with the production of your pictures?

I use Photoshop to do post-processing of my photos. I’m certainly no expert, and the learning curve was huge for me as an older student. But now I’m able to use it as an effective editing tool after all my shoots.


How do you spend your free time when you are not taking pictures?

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with family and my dog, going out with friends, and yes!—taking photos, especially when traveling.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

The fine art project I’m currently working on is my Loss Project. Started in 2014, the Loss Project is a merging of psychology and photography, an artistic exploration of the human condition, presented in a series of environmental portraits with the theme of loss.

This ongoing project is meant to serve as a form of art therapy on a number of levels. For me, it is a manifestation of my own grief experiences that will, hopefully, over time be a catharsis. For subjects in the portraits, it offers a safe place to process thoughts and emotions about loss in the act of modeling and in receiving their images. For viewers, it is an opportunity to connect with their own sense of loss and grief in a way that is meaningful.

In 2016, the Loss Project found its proper home at HealGrief, a nonprofit based in LA. There, my Loss Project images related to death, along with subjects’ stories of their grief, are exhibited in an online gallery. Moreover, there is a call for entries to the public to share imagery about their own losses. In so doing, the Loss Project becomes a therapeutic intervention, so to speak, wherein anyone in the world can share their story, whether or not he or she identifies as an artist.


(Susan Mah’s latest image for the Loss Project)

To learn more about the Loss Project or to share your work in the online gallery, please visit:-

Loss Project at by Susan Mah

What are the things that you wish that you knew back when you first started taking photos? Do you have any parting words for other aspiring photographers to take to heart?

When I started taking photos as a kid, it was just for fun. After having formally studied photography, I now have a very different approach: my work is rooted in a concept; I have a specific goal in mind for any fine art projects. Sometimes amateur photographers ask me how they could challenge themselves or make their work more than “just a beautiful photo.” To them, I would say: think of a concept—something you want to communicate, something you feel passionate about—and share that message through your work. Working in this way is much more challenging, but can be much more rewarding for you and for others. There is nothing wrong with beauty per se, but to me, a photograph that is merely beautiful is falling short.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for your time Susan, I’m sure we will be spending plenty more time admiring and appreciating your work.


me square

Psychotherapist turned photographer, Susan earned a scholarship to study photography at L’Ecole Parsons in Paris and received a Master of Fine Art (MFA) in photography at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. In her practice, the artist’s overarching goal is to bring together her interests in clinical social work and photography.  She devotes most of her time and energy towards portraits with a special interest in environmental portraiture.

Her fine art images have been exhibited in in Memphis, TN; Honolulu, HI; San Jose, CA; San Francisco, CA; Berkeley, CA; Aptos, CA; Venice, CA; and Oakland, CA.

You can connect with Susan via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Susan Mah Photography (FB)
Facebook:- The Loss Project by Susan Mah (FB)
LinkedIn:- Susan Mah – Freelance Photographer

You can buy her book here:-

Buy “Salvadore” by Susan Mah in the UK/Europe

Buy “Salvadore” by Susan Mah in the US/Rest of the World

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