Day Ten – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Blissful Filters” by David Ellis

Hello there poetry connoisseurs!

It’s Day Ten of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with a few fistfuls of Peppers of the Cheery yet mighty spicy variety!) and I’m back with yet another video, as we approach the third of the way through the month milestone – well done everybody, keep going 🙂

Check out the Facebook Live performance of my latest poem.


The inspiration for this poem came from my love of animals and the rain hitting my windowsill tonight, it has been going on for some time 🙂

If you would like alternative prompts then why not check out these resources and craft something yourself:-

OctPoWriMo 2017

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest

And here is my poem in written form, just in case you were scared of me pointing my beard at you in the video and you thought it might accidentally go off.



Photo By PublicDomainPictures From Pixabay

“Blissful Filters” by David Ellis

Hypnotic shifts in the breeze
Beaches dissolving and returning
Crashing, crescendo waves
Shimmering with wanton abandon

Moonbeams intertwined
Rain’s rhythmic tapping
On the window frame
Fermenting the pulsating night sky
Freckled, aquatic nectar on display

Crimson laced shadows
Melting intimately away
Exposing the sun’s fuzzy, cinnamon rays
Consumption warming brittle bones
Marble magnificence

The smiles of animals
Nervous energy displayed
Unconditional affection
Calming in the extreme

Simple filters for stress in a complicated world


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