Author Interview – Isabelle Kenyon – “This is not a Spectacle” (Contemporary Poetry)

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Tonight, I would like to introduce you all to a very talented contemporary poet who has blown me away with her words and just released a new Extended Version of her latest poetry book too.

Please give a warm welcome to Isabelle Kenyon, as we dive deeper into her writing and how she crafts her exhilarating poems.

Thanks for reading, stay frosty and have a good evening folks 🙂


Hi there Isabelle, thank you for joining us to talk about your inspirations, writing style and your poetry book releases.

Firstly, let’s start with your latest poetry release, the Extended Edition which is now available on Amazon. Why is your book called “This is not a Spectacle”, what is the relevance to the poems and collection itself?

I am interested by human curiosity towards strangers – whether that it more general interest taken in another on the street, being drawn in by attraction or intrigue of another’s difference to themselves, to where curiosity becomes fascination with another’s grief or misfortune from afar. The poems range from my experiences of a car accident, (my desperation a spectacle for onlookers, who gave me a wide berth), my own fascination of others (my extended edition particularly interrogates my own thought processes towards strangers) and strangers’ impressions of me. I think it is an expression of anger from those who least want to be stared at and be put on display.

This is not a Spectacle Extended Edition

What are the themes that unite “This is not a Spectacle” together and how did you approach preparing them for a collection? Did you have to remove any poems that did not fit into the core themes that you were exploring for this book?

My approach for the collection centered around selecting only my most personal poetry which revolved around observation of people. I had to disregard any love poetry – although there are clear themes of caring throughout the anthology and any of my nature or more generally emotive work. It had to be driven by something – topics explored in This is not a Spectacle, include homelessness, the poverty in Mumbai, dementia, and in the extended edition particularly, human suspicion (which I feel is becoming more prevalent, the threat of terror becoming overwhelming to some).

You also have a micro chapbook called “The Trees Whispered” which has been published online by Origami Poetry Press. It can be accessed here for free at The Trees Whispered by Isabelle Kenyon. Can you tell us more about the concept of this chapbook and the nature of the work showcased by artists over at Origami Poetry Press.

Yes I think Origami Poetry Press is such a great concept! I hope the company goes from strength to strength. It’s a not for profit organisation, and they work with an artist to create a personalised cover for each chapbook. It includes 6 poems exploring the nature and roots in a wider sense of the word – completely different to This is not a Spectacle, but something I’m really proud of so do take a look and print off your own origami version, I’d love to see copies in hands!

How does a poem begin for you? Does it start with an image, a form or a particular theme?

I think it starts with an inability to focus on anything else – a feeling consumes me and in the process of redrafting, I come to terms with the situation and I know exactly how I feel, but in a more ordered and considered way! In that way it’s like writing a diary that I edit for the public.

Not A Spectacle Section One

Section One of “This is not a Spectacle” Extended Edition by Isabelle Kenyon

Are there any forms you haven’t tried yet but would like to?

I’ve only written one spoken word poem so far – and as a performer myself, I would love to find a spoken word community and do my first open mic night! I feel that is such a vibrant side of the poetry community that I want to be a part of.

How important is accessibility of the meaning of your poems? Should we have to work hard to “solve” the poems and discover their deeper meanings?

I think the meaning of my poems is in their imagery – I’m not been a massive fan of writing ‘cryptically’ because I want my readers to have some sense of the emotion behind my writing. I personally don’t enjoy it when I have to read a poem 4 times over and still can’t gauge the meaning – however I do enjoy it when I read a poem 4 times and find NEW meanings in it! It’s about finding that balance.

What are you main sources of inspiration or research when it comes to crafting your poetry?

Sometimes I will be inspired to write by a piece of theatre that I go to see (inspired by its themes, which sometimes leads me into research) or by a piece of art which I feel has a story behind it.

Not A Spectacle Section Two

Section Two of “This is not a Spectacle” Extended Edition by Isabelle Kenyon

Has your own opinion or idea of what poetry is changed since you first started writing poetry?

Yes – I think I’m even more picky about what I like! I’m skeptical about ‘popular’ trends in writing – I’m not convinced mainstream poetry offering sweeping quotes about life and love is meaningful as it seems hollow to me, devoid of a personal touch (although clearly effective on social media!) I just think that is a world away from the work of Sylvia Plath, for example, who I love, whose form and style has been developed into an art.

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

I have never thought about a mascot or spirit animal haha! My late Jack Russell, Misty, used to sit on my lap while I wrote, so she can be my spirit animal.

My style of writing is difficult to define – there is a definite sense of form to it and I mostly write in metaphors.

What were the hardest parts of “This is not a Spectacle” to write? And what were the easiest?

The hardest parts were interrogating my own thoughts – knowing that people would read my judgement of strangers but knowing it was important to include them. The easiest parts were describing what I saw in the streets, in my interactions with others – these felt more removed and easier to put pen to paper.

Not A Spectacle Section Three

Section Three of “This is not a Spectacle” Extended Edition by Isabelle Kenyon

Who are some of your favourite authors, historical figures, poets and poems?

My favourite author is probably Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie because of her characters are so perfectly imagined they come alive for me. I also adore the poetry of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, both so different and yet so talented.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I do have uninspired moments, so I find I have to focus on the people around me more – then I realise I have a lot of things to say! I also like to go on a walk, there’s something about taking pictures of nature or arranging my thoughts which helps me to write.

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

So, I’ve just started a job as a Marketing Assistant in a theatre – I’m passionate about theatre and writing so in my spare time, I see shows and that inspires me to put on my own shows in future. I also am a manic dancer – I love salsa, swing, ballroom and latin.

Not A Spectacle Section Four

Section Four of “This is not a Spectacle” Extended Edition by Isabelle Kenyon

Regarding your subsequent projects, will you be writing another poetry book or do you have other projects in the pipeline?

Yes, so aside from the extended edition of This is not a Spectacle, I will be releasing details of a poetry collaboration project soon! I want to write a poetry anthology inspired by stories of mental health and well being, the profits of which will go to mental health charities. I will be doing a call out for submissions on my blog and I plan for the book to be released in late January 2018.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring poets?

I’m not very wise. I’m very manic. So if you want readers, be a manic person too – apply for everything, write constantly and enjoy it!

And that’s a wrap! 🙂 Thank you for spending time with us to give us more of an insight into your poetry and the lady behind it, we appreciate it and can’t wait to check out more of your work 🙂



Isabelle Kenyon is a Greater Manchester based poet and a graduate in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York.

She is inspired by the people and events around her – she observes and writes what she sees and what she feels.

She is the author of poetry anthology, This is not a Spectacle and micro chapbook, The Trees Whispered, published by Origami Poetry Press.

Her poems have been published in many poetry anthologies and included in literary festivals, such as the Inkyneedles anthology, the Great British Write Off, the Wirral festival of Music, Speech and Drama, Poetry Rivals, and the Festival of Firsts.

Isabelle has been awarded third place in the Langwith Scott Award for Art and Drama and runner up in the Visit Newark Poetry Competition.

You can connect with Isabelle via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Fly on the Wall Poetry (FB)
Goodreads:- Isabelle Kenyon (Goodreads)
Instagram:- @bellek15 (Instagram)
Twitter:- @kenyon_isabelle (Twitter)

You can buy her book here, which is the Extended Edition that has just been released on 17th November:-

Buy “This is not a Spectacle: Extended Edition” in the UK/Europe

Buy “This is not a Spectacle: Extended Edition” in the US/Rest of the World

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