Day Twenty – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Patient Man” by David Ellis

Hey there poetry aficionados.

It’s Day Twenty of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with a whole heap of Cheery Peppers to give your day a kick) and I’m back with yet another video because you asked for it! (And if you didn’t then I pity you because my videos are all kinds of awesomenessness!)

There are actually three poems in this post, two written by me (performed live in the video) and another that I link to below.

Check out the Facebook Live performance of my latest poem, along with a bonus reading.


The ‘Patient Man’ poem was actually going to be worked on as a song (I still believe it could be put to music one day) with Asian rock music accompanying it (I am a huge fan of The Tea Party and Secret Chiefs 3).

I came across it because I was going through some old lyrics/poems that I wrote years ago and thought it would be a real treat to tweak it then share it with you all.

Firstly, here are the lyrics to it, as read in the video:-



Photo by Counselling at Pixabay

“Patient Man” by David Ellis

Patient man
Impatient world

Lights out
Bring me the girl

Choose who lives or dies
To no avail

I understand nothing
Programmed to fail

Patient man
Impatient world

Thought I knew it all now I’m
Spinning out of control

The longer I wait
Mistakes take their toll

I want my youth
Give back what you stole

Patient man
Impatient world

The breeze feels soft
Her skin, mother of pearl

I thought I knew her now she’s
Spinning out of control

I’d like to give her up
For just one day, on my own

But I’m a patient man, in an impatient world
And I can wait forever if I have to
But not today, oh no
I turned the lights out and let go
Best feeling in the world


As I mentioned in my video, I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of a dear friend and fellow poet, whose work I had the greatest pleasure in reading a couple of years ago. She has poetry collections available on Amazon that moved me deeply with her life experiences. She was actually inspired to write her own particular poem based on one of the poem’s that I read today from my own poetry book.

I dedicated the reading of my second poem to her in the video, here is the link to her wonderful poem “The Living Earth”, you can also find links to her books on the right hand side of her website:-

The Living Earth by Kimberly Floria (Silently Heard Once – A Silent poet shouting to be heard)

And finally here are the words to my poem Modern Ragnarök (the second poem that I read in the video) for you to enjoy with a mug of mead (or whatever is your particular favourite poison), it was inspired by Norse Mythology, just in case you were wondering 🙂



Norse mythology by Roman2012forever / WikiMedia Commons

“Modern Ragnarök” by David Ellis

Sparks set the world ablaze
Icy claws freeze the sun
Blinding us with a golden haze
Dreams of death bring wisdom

Only the strongest tales survive
Built from foundations of flesh and bone
Azure oceans froth and writhe
Crashing wildly into the unknown

Bestowing a name to our pain
Ancient myths and prophesies
Retreating off this terrain
Fighting against past mistakes

Pursuing knowledge from the Gods
Moving mountains with ease
Time and elements collide
The land is fertile and green

As our scars run deep
We must embrace our fate
Don’t be a source of war
Let go of all your hate

We may be friends, lovers or foes
You play your part in a bigger design
As we kiss the glowing stars
The light that fills us tastes divine

Calm the angry fires in your heart
Dare to soar on the crest of emotions
Love like there is no end in sight
Explode with compassion, affection and devotion
Take roots and stand firm
Born a wolf, die a righteous person


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