Day Twenty-One– NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Wild Card” by David Ellis

Hey there my fun loving friends, welcome, welcome!

It’s Day Twenty-One of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with an enterprising bunch known as Cheer Peppers, who are even better than celebrity A-listers in my humble opinion, possibly since I am one of them! 😉 ) and I’m back with yet another video with attitude.

Check out the Facebook Live performance of my latest poem.


For this particular poem, I was thinking about a prompt that I saw over on for April 2017 for their Day Twenty entries. I was trying to come up with a poem that embraced sports metaphors and eventually the planets aligned in my mind and I started to weave the threads together.

Wonder why this piece sounds a bit bonkers in places? Well, that is because it was inspired by a Tennis glossary, which you can find here:-

Glossary of tennis terms – Wikipedia

If you are interested in taking up the challenge yourself then I encourage you to go take a look at sporting term glossaries and see if you can hit poetic paydirt with them!

If you would like some alternative prompts to stoke those creative fires then give these places a try:-

OctPoWriMo Poetry Prompts – OctPoWriMo 2017

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest

Also, regarding choosing a name for this poem (apart from the fact that it does come up in the tennis glossary), I think this clip will explain why I chose it – yeeehaaaaaaw! 😉


And after that bout of hilarity, here is your next batch and the words to the poem:-



Photo:- The Word Magician starring me 🙂

“Wild Card” by David Ellis

A hot shot trying to hit the sweet spot
The vineyard is now open for your calls
If it’s a cheeky round of singles or doubles you’re after
Let’s hit the bars together
Roll out the red carpet and we’ll embrace trouble

Serving breadsticks with a tin of the finest Lobster bisque
A can opener always has a distinct advantage
Along with a top of the line vintage Mercedes-Benz
Because a lady’s got to eat
And be driven wild!

It’s official, though
Any exhibition of being all elbows, fingers and thumbs
With no depth or compassion, dead rubber between the sheets means
Your love game is at fault, at a disadvantage
A deuce that could have been an ace

You can spin the situation like a cannonball but never achieve the grand slam
Going down like a gripless sledgehammer
Resulting in a slow, lingering death, grinding nowhere
A ghost in the net
You’ve dropped the ball, a dirty bagel for real

A loser that is anything but lucky
Grunting in the grass, a handicapped Cyclops
Planting the seeds for your inevitable retirement before the jig is up
Flatliner with no future line of credit in this egg poaching business

Or you can turn your life around before it’s overruled
Start jamming along with the beat both inside and out
Be a giver and not just a receiver, a real show stopper
Entering the hall of fame to seize your well-earned crown
The advantage of following through with potential
Judge by actions, not by how strings are pulled


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