Day Twenty-Three – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Primal Progress” by David Ellis (A Double Elevensie Poem)

Hey there all of you Ginger Rogers’s and Fred Astaires, let’s dance!

It’s Day Twenty-Three of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with a cadre of peeps going by the moniker of as Cheer Peppers) and I’m back with another slice of poetry pandemonium.

I’ve worked on a new form that I’ve not explored before today, thanks to those beautiful folks over at It is called an ‘Elevensie’ and the extremely simple mechanics sitting under the hood can be explored here:-

Elevenie – Wikipedia

I’ve actually produced a “Double Elevensie” (which sounds like a gymnastic movement but thankfully I didn’t pull too many creative muscles composing this). This comprised of looking at word lists of common opposites and coming up with a pairing that complement each other in their respective outlooks.

Since it is such a short form, I will be forgoing the usual tradition of making a Facebook Live video but fear not, I will still be recording more of them throughout this month!

Also, here are some other alternative prompts to help give you some creative fuel to fire up your poetic engines if you need them:-

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest

OctPoWriMo 2017

And finally what you have all been waiting for, here is my poem in written form (try not to get too excited, I would hate for you to do yourself an injury):-



Photo by NinaMarie from Pixabay

“Primal Progress” by David Ellis

Distant past
Truth from myths
Memories, stories, forgotten secrets

Distant future
Beauty in dreams
Change must be embraced


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12 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Primal Progress” by David Ellis (A Double Elevensie Poem)

    • Thanks Matt. For me when I write something this short it is kind of a holiday, as I prefer to write stuff that has twenty or thirty lines and gives me some content that I can read out in a performance. If I use short forms then I usually like to combine several of them and I’m the same with haikus, I love writing them but have to do multiple ones to feel satisfied that I have written enough to please my muse 🙂

  1. I like combining forms if I ever attempt any. I’ve written a couple of villanelles comprised of haiku’s and a final tanka, and produced a longer piece where every stanza takes the form of a limerick.
    I guess I’m just better at butchering than conforming. 😀

    • Nothing wrong with that, helps to keep things fresh for you and the audience 🙂 I often find myself writing something in free form then I will throw in a verse or stanza that is not like all the others just to mess with the rhythm and flow to create different dynamics for the piece

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