Day Twenty-Four – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Serenity In Slow-Motion (A Blitz Poem)” by David Ellis

Hey there everybody peeps.

It’s Day Twenty-Four of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with a wedge of spicy blogging scribers known as Cheer Peppers) and I’m back with another video that was recorded live in front a studio audience…OK, maybe not a studio audience but an audience no less.

Check out the Facebook Live performance of my latest poem.


This particular poem was inspired by the format of the Blitz poem, which I have experimented with once before and fancied dabbling with again, so you could clearly call me a veteran of this form 😉

Shadow Poetry – The Blitz Poem – Examples and how it is constructed

Also, here are some other alternative prompts to help you jam and boogie with your own poetry this month and beyond:-

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest

OctPoWriMo 2017

And finally here is my poem in written form for the first Blitz – brace yourselves, incoming!



Photo by janeb13 from Pixabay

“Serenity In Slow-Motion“ (A Blitz Poem) by David Ellis

Musical lyrical awakenings
Musical harmonic serenity
Serenity is perfectly timeless
Serenity creates fuzzy feelings
Feelings drive audacity
Feelings require balance
Balance is not egocentric
Balance and kindness are hypnotic
Hypnotic heartbeats entwined
Hypnotic logic of healing smiles
Smiles are contagious
Smiles are helpful and make you helpless
Helpless regret distorts judgment
Helpless wonder forges innocent warmth
Warmth means genuine compassion
Warmth brings freedom to paralysis
Paralysis of purpose is worthless
Paralysis fuelled by liberation celebrates freedom
Freedom forms our own identities
Freedom to make new friends through communication
Communication spawns social energy
Communication preserves profound ingenuity
Ingenuity guides destiny
Ingenuity is born of empathy
Empathy channels wills of heroes
Empathy is hectic even in silence
Silence clarifies moments
Silence highlights intimate elegance
Elegance exhibits exquisite delight
Elegance heralds honeyed heights
Heights develop hesitation
Heights encourage bewitching foundations
Foundations challenge our futures
Foundations form portals of discovery
Discovery requires honesty
Discovery dares us to be natural
Natural confidence is dynamite
Natural sweetness a welcome release
Release builds to a sensual climax
Release is both rich and animalistic
Animalistic expression
Animalistic evolution
Evolution is dangerous disrupted
Evolution is gorgeous focused
Focused minds desire granularity
Focused hearts beat breathlessly in slow-motion
Slow-motion is often bittersweet
Slow-motion conveys perfect intoxication


And as mentioned in the video, here is your second bonus dose of Blitz from my generous self and witness the first one of these that I ever wrote. Prepare to have your socks/stockings completely blown off if you’re still barely hanging on to them after the previous one 😉



Photo by Hans from Pixabay

“Dreams Touching Now” (A Blitz Poem) – by David Ellis

Hearts wide open
Hearts filled with dreams
Dreams of the ocean
Dreams are charged emotions
Emotions run wild
Emotions express feelings
Feelings give us wings
Feelings provide connections
Connections develop into friends
Connections celebrate love
Love knows no bounds
Love creates beautiful smiles
Smiles are infectious
Smiles vanquish loneliness
Loneliness is inevitable
Loneliness fades with time
Time is what we most desire
Time is what we waste
Waste no time on fools
Waste no energy and be positive
Positive attitude sparks results
Positive thoughts bring choices
Choices give life meaning
Choices give us freedom
Freedom is a valuable possession
Freedom comes with responsibility
Responsibility teaches us respect
Responsibility leads to success
Success is found in hard work
Success requires simple self-discipline
Self-Discipline requires focus and patience
Self-Discipline develops character
Character will always endure
Character is a sign of true wealth
Wealth is outweighed by wisdom
Wealth is established through kindness
Kindness is to be treasured
Kindness is a universal language
Language is a storyteller’s gift
Language is rhythm and passion
Passion is a kiss full of sweetness
Passion is poetry with purpose
Purpose brings with it light
Purpose should bring with it goals
Goals should have no limits
Goals need action now
Now is the time to fulfil your destiny
Now is the time to plant the seeds


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6 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Serenity In Slow-Motion (A Blitz Poem)” by David Ellis

    • TY Angela 🙂 That is my intention with these Blitz poems, each line, no matter how small has to try to capture your attention and deliver something on every sentence if possible. This does make them challenging but the results are so rewarding. I will write another one in April 2018 🙂

    • TY so much Di 🙂 They do feel like epic works of art. I think I will have to give another one of these a go when I do Poetry Month in April 2018, that will at least give me a form to revisit for one of the days, which will be helpful to me when planning April schedule closer to the time 🙂

    • Cheers Matt. I’m not someone that would want to do Blitz poems all the time because they are spectacular but limiting in a way too and have too many lines. Fifty is quite a lot to deal with, even with short, choppy verses. I prefer longer lines and to hit around the thirty line mark, unless I’m using a particular form or style that requires specific numbers of lines or syllables. I’m very proud of these two ones though and would be tempted to do another one in the future, probably when I’m doing April 2018 NaPoWriMo 🙂

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