Canadian Sci-Fi Author Robert J. Sawyer appointed as a Member of the Order of Ontario!

Hey there everyone.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy are two of my favourite literary genres and some of the most popular books and authors that I have featured in my Author Interviews series fall into these specific categories.

As an avid reader and appreciator of the work and endeavours of all authors that I interview, I am extremely excited to let you all know that Science-fiction writer and Canadian icon, Robert J. Sawyer will be recognized and invested as a Member of the Order of Ontario at the end of February. Publicly known as the “Dean of Canadian Science Fiction,” Robert has had numerous successes in his writing career. He’s the only Canadian to win all three major science-fiction awards: the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. Now, Robert is receiving a different kind of honour.

For more information on this prestigious honour bestowed upon Robert, along with further details regarding both him and his incredible books, please check out the Press Release below:-


Thank you for reading friends, keep watching the skies and shooting for the stars 🙂


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