New Book Releases – Angel Ramon – “The Thousand Years War – Life’s a Beach” (A LitFPS/GameLit Sci-Fi Novel – Expansion Pack/Story) & “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 3: Nemesis” (A Horror GameLit Adventure)

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The weekend cannot come fast enough but before we run to the finish in a conga line with tasty beverages in hand, how about another follow-up Author Interview from a prolific author who has graced these pages before? Why not indeed, let the entertainment commence forthwith!

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As mentioned above, I have interviewed Angel a couple of times before and you can find the links to these previous interviews here that cover his other previous releases:-

Author Interview – Angel Ramon – “The Thousand Years War Series” & “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure”

New Book Releases – Angel Ramon – “Janus” & “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 2” (Political Thriller & Contemporary Horror Series)

I therefore thought this would be another excellent opportunity to ask him some detailed questions specifically about his latest new releases “The Thousand Years War – Life’s a Beach” (A LitFPS/GameLit Sci-Fi Novel – Expansion Pack/Story) & “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 3: Nemesis” (A Horror GameLit Adventure).

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Hi there Angel, a real pleasure to have you back here with us again to chat about your latest book releases “The Thousand Years War – Life’s a Beach” (A LitFPS/GameLit Sci-Fi Novel – Expansion Pack/Story) & “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 3: Nemesis” (A Horror GameLit Adventure).

Can you explain to us the concept behind the theme/genre of LitFPS/GameLit?

LitFPS is short for Literary First Person Shooter and it’s a coined genre that was created in a small community that I’m in where the books takes place in a video game world. LitFPS has elements of a first person shooter such as health/ammo and reads like if you were playing a shoot’em up. GameLit is a broader genre where it’s simply a book that has elements of a video game implied or explained within the book. It’s still a rather new idea and one that is fun to write, but not necessarily easy to write.

Who are the key players/lead protagonists and antagonists that pop up in your new adventures?

In Life’s a Beach there are four heroes. They’re Angel, Maria, Steven, and Ben. They are four friends looking to grab some sun in Puerto Rico. The Gloobas are back to take over Earth once again by using the virtual world, there is a villain who is behind all this. However his identity is a secret and will have to be explored as the story goes.


In Nemesis, the MC is Maria who is in the middle of the third zombie outbreak in Brooklyn N.Y. She is one of the few survivors along with Danny who she bumps into who is part of a mercenary squad sent by the medical company, The Hybrid Corporation. You also have a man named Nicolai who is the leader of Danny’s squad; he is a man with questionable intentions. The bad guys are the many zombies and bio-organic weapons that the survivors have to encounter.


What are these stories about regarding the conflict that needs to be resolved by the characters and what are the stakes for them this time round?

In Life’s a Beach, the four misfits head to Puerto Rico to enjoy a much needed vacation to Puerto Rico. However, the Glooba alien empire has different plans as they have used the virtual video game world to create an expansion pack of The Thousand Years War Video game. The four have to enter the video game world a fourth time in order to prevent the Gloobas from freezing Puerto Rico and turning it into an iceberg. In the new Expansion Pack of The Thousand Years War the four will encounter the beautiful scenery of Puerto Rico along with beach themed weapons such as explosive pineapples and coconuts along with rings with ancient powers.

In Nemesis, Maria and eventual friend Danny have to find a way out of NYC as the third zombie outbreak. More zombies, creatures, and a stalker named Nemesis will get in the way of Maria as she tries to escape. She’ll explore the streets of Brooklyn, a police station, bookstore, park, and even an abandoned reservoir. As she explores, she realizes that the makers of the Broken Arrow virus, the Hybrid Corporation will stop at nothing to hide their misdoings and kill anyone who threaten to expose them including Maria. They would do anything; even send a missile to eradicate New York City off the map. Maria has to find whatever means to expose Hybrid for their sins while making sure she escapes with her life.

If either of these books were to be made into films, who would you cast in the lead roles?

For Life’s a Beach, I really think it would make a better video game than a movie.

For Nemesis, the MC Maria should be played by Milla Jovovich.

How did the idea for these tales take shape? Are they a natural progression from the previous books in the series or are you taking each series down another different path entirely?

Life’s a Beach is basically an Expansion Pack or a book that spans events between books 1 and 2 of the main Thousand Years War Series. The book does build up from book 1, but it tends to stand alone on it’s own story and theme from the series.

Nemesis is a natural progression from books one and two.

Did you do any specific research for these novels that differed from your previous ones in the series or the other novels that you have written?

I wouldn’t call it actual research if all I did was play retro video games from my childhood to help me build both stories. This is actually how I wrote the other stories that I have.

Regarding research for these books, is there anything that has surprised you or completely changed your world view after learning more about it?

Not really to be honest. (Lol)

What aspects of your characters in these books would you say that you relate to on a personal level?

In both books Maria is my now Ex-Girlfriend, but we still get along fine. Ben and Steven in Life’s a Beach are writing pals of mine. In Nemesis, Danny is a childhood friend.

What were the hardest parts of these books to write? And what were the easiest?

In both books the overall story was rather easy to write, but integrating the gaming elements is what made it challenging as it had to make some sense with what was going on. Also, I had to write it in a way that a non-gamer could understand as well.

Were there any significant concepts that you had to edit out of these books that seemed like a good idea in the first draft but became too unwieldy as the stories progressed?

No, not really.

Have you hidden any secrets or Easter eggs in these books for dedicated readers to find?

As with all my books, the careful reader will spot those secret Easter eggs.

Do you listen to music while you write? Did you have any specific albums or songs in mind when you were writing these books?

Yes I do. I tend to listen to a mixture of different genres, but for action scenes I prefer something like Rock or Heavy Metal. For calmer scenes, I go to some slow Spanish music.

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing? Do you have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in these stories?

Action scenes and a lot of them. I tend to write fast paced adrenaline rushed stories and these two are no exception. Readers will not be bored to death as they will be constantly in action mode and be in the middle of a crazy scene.

How active are you on social media? How do you think it affects the way you write?

I run a couple of groups on FB. They are The Thousand Years War Fan Club for my Sci-Fi series and Gamelit Survival Horror, where I talk about survival horror Gamelit books and video games. Being active with other authors and readers gets me pumped up to write.

Finally, regarding your subsequent projects, will you be writing sequels to these books or do you have other plans for even more books in the pipeline?

There will be more sequels to come for both of these series as they are my main series that are the most popular with fans.

And once again, that’s a wrap! Thank you for giving us insight into your latest book releases Angel, we can’t wait to explore these exciting new additions/genres in each of your ongoing respective series, particularly when it comes to the avid video game players/enthusiasts amongst us 🙂

Bio (in Angel’s own words):-


“If you were looking for a Sci-Fi writer who is starting out and one that has a lot of heart in what he does, you’re in luck. Bear with me and you might find yourself reading one of my novels, which I promise to be fun in their own individual way. The Thousand Years War series is an idea which is a bit complex, one that I have had since middle school. I try to stay out of reality and write books that will entertain people and take them on epic journeys to give people a bit of a reprieve from their rough daily routine. I see writing as an art, and if you give me a chance, I’ll break the stereotype that reading is boring. I feel privileged to have this talent of being able to create something out of nothing and am sharing it with everyone. So whether you like to read or are an author like me, don’t be afraid to approach me – authors needing advice, or wanting to give me advice, you are welcomed! I’m a person who loves to create, not watch. I love to create worlds and characters. I look forward to connecting with many of you avid Sci-Fi readers and writers alike! For the curious, I’m a humble man who lives in Puerto Rico. I also love baseball and to travel around the island of Puerto Rico.”

You can connect with Angel via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- The Hybrid Nation (FB)
Goodreads:- Angel Ramon Medina (Goodreads Author)
GooglePlus:- Angel Ramon Medina – Author (GooglePlus)
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Website:- Website of The Hybrid Nation

You can buy his books here:-

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