To the none

One of my poem’s has been used as inspiration for a NaPoWriMo entry post! My dear friend and wonderful poet Angela over at Unassorted stories has selected a poem from my book Life, Sex & Death and written her own response poem to it. I feel honoured and humbled by her gesture. If you have a moment, please take a look at her poem and all of the other amazing things she does over at her blog. And if you are not following her already then you are missing out and should do so soon 🙂

Unassorted stories

My mind will race you
to stay ahead

Darkness followed me around
surreptitiously, you never noticed

Push you to your limits
My own little death eater

Red or black – which do you prefer?
All of us will bleed purple ink

Only through voodoo
to be a pin cushion

Down, down, down into the depths
Your soul? I couldn’t care less

What will bug you no more
is my heart
it eats what it loves

Death by love
Had I not looked into the mirror
I’d see my own true worth

Shit numbers – strings of them
to the sounds of a thunderstorm

Say it now – and it will be heard no more


Today was the perfect excuse to get out Life, sex and death. A poetry collection (Vol 1) by David Ellis. The prompt was:

  1. Find a poem in a book or magazine (ideally one you…

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