New Book Release – K.D. Rose -“DreamPoem” – (Contemporary Poetry Collection Sourced From Literary Journal Publications)

Hey there everyone.

For all you poetry lovers out there, I’ve got a really exciting treat for you all tonight.

However, before we get to experience it, let’s get this Public Service Announcement out of the way first.

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We are lucky to have a very special guest return to us. Author & Poetess supreme K.D. Rose has released a new amazing poetry collection full of all of her previously published Literary Journal gems! K.D. was interviewed by me at the end of last year and you can read that interview, along with finding out more about her other books here:-

Author Interview – K.D. Rose – Author & Poet – Inside Sorrow and The Brevity of Twit

So let’s hear more about how K.D. has assembled this sterling collection of her poems and what delights we might find in it. Enjoy the show folks.


Hi there KD, so happy to have you back here with us again to chat about your latest poetry collection release, which is filled to the brim with many wonderful, memorable poems.

Thank you! It’s great to be back and always exciting to be publishing.

First of all, what are the themes that unite “DreamPoem” together and how did you approach preparing them for this collection?

This is my first collection of all the poetry that has been published in literary journals. I’ve been publishing in literary journals for the last two years and would hear from others that they wished they could read them but there were just too many journals to buy so this fixes that problem.

DP - Front.jpg

Why is your latest book called “DreamPoem”, what is the relevance to the poems and collection itself?

Poetry is often created from the perspective of a witness or an other, even when it is deeply personal. Hence the title. All of life can seem like a dream in some ways, even as we go through its ups and downs. The poems reflect these moments in life.

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

Black panther has always been my personal preference though I have to say the last time I visualized for one it came out as a bunny! But in general stealthy and powerful is the black panther.

How does a poem begin for you? Does it start with an image, a form or a particular theme?

It can be so many things. Sometimes an experience is so powerful that you must write about it. Sometimes a stream of ideas and words come together to form themselves and I take it from there.

Are there any forms you haven’t tried yet but would like to?

Sonnets are difficult but I would like to write a really good one at some point. The whole art of freedom within restriction rests with sonnets.

What is your relationship with your speaking voice and your written voice?

Totally different. My written voice is much more powerful. It is more akin to the voice in my head. In fact in this book I have included a bonus essay and readers will really be able to see a different voice there that is still very “me.”

Have you considered getting other people to read your poetry or is it important for you to be the one to perform your poetry to an audience?

Due to health issues I don’t perform my poetry but I would love for others to at any point.

How important is accessibility of the meaning of your poems? Should we have to work hard to “solve” the poems and discover their deeper meanings?

I used to write much more obtuse, not on purpose but because that’s how my mind worked with obscure references. I am not so much like that anymore and am more concerned with the experience of the reader.

What conditions do you find best that help your writing process? Do you have any specific environments that you prefer to write in or any food/drink habits that also encourage you to write?

I have an office/library that I am lucky enough to have had my husband build for me. I love it and it is my writing place. I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for one of the poems in this book so I guess it must be working!

Has your own opinion or idea of what poetry is changed since you first started writing poetry?

Absolutely. As an avid reader, not just a writer, I am constantly inspired by others. Poetry that touches me deeply impresses me and I look to how they were able to evoke such a response.

DreamPoem Promo

What were the hardest parts of this book to write? And what were the easiest?

The essay was the hardest because I am a poet mainly. The easiest poems are the ones that just come to you but that doesn’t happen often!

Who are some of your favourite authors, poets and poems?

e.e. cummings is my absolute favorite and I don’t feel he gets the respect he deserves. Also Rimbaud, Borges, Neruda. There are so many. My favorite poem is one of e.e. cummings called “My Father Walked Through Dooms of Love.” My favorite authors on the other hand are all science fiction: Philip K. Dick, Harlon Ellison. Old School! Though I feel in love with Leslie Jamison who writes essays.

Finally, regarding your subsequent projects, will you be writing another poetry book or do you have other projects in the pipeline?

My next plan is to write a book of essays. It is like pulling teeth so it may be awhile, especially since I will probably want them published first in literary journals.

And once again, that’s a wrap! Thank you for joining us once more and for giving us another collection of poetry to cherish and adore 🙂

Thank you for having me!



K. D. Rose is a poet, essayist, and author. K.D. was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry for There are Species of Stars Yet to be Seen. K. D.’s book, Inside Sorrow, won Readers Favorite Silver Medal for Poetry. She has written books in multiple genres. Her poetry, essays, and short stories have been published in Word Riot, Chicago Literati, Poetry Breakfast, BlazeVOX Journal, Ink in Thirds, Northern Virginia Review, The Nuclear Impact Anthology, Stray Branch Magazine, Literary Orphans, Maintenant Contemporary Dada Magazine, Lunch Ticket Arts and Literary Magazine, The 2016 Paragram Press Anthology, Eastern Iowa Review, Bop Dead City, Santa Fe Literary Magazine, Hermes Poetry Magazine, Slipstream, Wild Women’s Medicine Circle Journal and The Offbeat Literary Magazine.

You can connect with K.D. via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Author K.D. Rose (FB)
Goodreads:- K.D. Rose (Goodreads Author)
Google Plus:- Author KD Rose (Google Plus)
LinkedIn:- Author KD Rose (LinkedIn)
Tumblr:- Author KD Rose (Tumblr)
Twitter:– @KDRose1 (Twitter)
Website:- authorkdrose ~ Published Poet & Author. Reader. Analyst. Futurist. Belle of the Pithy, Acerbic Ball.

You can buy DreamPoem here:-

Buy DreamPoem by K.D. Rose in the UK/Europe

Buy DreamPoem by K.D. Rose in the US/Rest of the World

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    • You’re welcome Janie! I hope that KD manages to sell a lot of copies of her poetry book, she has been published in a lot of literary journals and has some very good poems in there 🙂

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