NaPoWriMo / GloPoWriMo 2018 – Day 18 – “The Best Way To Appreciate The Sound Of Silence” by David Ellis

Hey there folks.

Today’s Day 18 NaPoWriMo shenanigans involve taking a poem from a magazine or book (preferably a poem you are not immediately familiar with) and then producing a poem on your end via indulging in a call and response routine. You cover up every line except the last one, then answer it with a line of your own and work your way back up to the top of the entire poem until completion.

For this exercise, I have selected one of many amazing poems out of a volume called “Depression’s Dance” by a poet known as Hastywords, who I have written several duets with in the past. The poem that I picked from her collection was from Page 94 of her book and is called “Silence Without Sound”.

Hastywords has her own website where she has interviewed many people about being real, overcoming bullies, showing compassion and opening up about relationships, along with her own writing of raw, emotional, engaging and delightful poetry.

Hastywords – I am a poet with a mind full of rainbows and devils

So, first of all, here are the lyrics to her poem “Silence Without Sound”:-

“SILENCE WITHOUT SOUND” by Hastywords from her book “Depression’s Dance”

Your kiss sends me flying
Above nature’s golden leaves
Your words send me diving
Into waters full of mystery
But my heart keeps stopping
Worried I’ve flown too far
Worried I dove too deep
In the moments without a beat
I can hear the demons call
They know me by name
They mimic your voice
I don’t deserve to be happy
The voices are harsh, berating
Asking why someone could possibly
Love such a troubled soul as me
In the end I fall, in the end I drown
Because I flew too high they said
Because I dove too deep they cried
Taunting my feeble humanity
They save me from the sky
They protect me from the sea
And they promise me the one thing
They know I really crave, need
They promise me silence without sound

Depressions Dance

And here is my response poem to her poem but please remember, if you want them to both match up, you have to read from the bottom up of her poem and the top down from mine with each line, if you want to see how they truly fit together 🙂

Thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy it 🙂



Photo by CHENA from Pixabay

“The Best Way To Appreciate The Sound Of Silence” by David Ellis

The sound of silence is a sound most profound
In its most purest form, my mind becomes so serene, so peaceful, spellbound
A promise of simplicity, resetting everything back to humble beginnings
When the ocean feels like making waves, then that is when I truly listen
Sometimes, when the only skies I know are unforgiving and unrelentingly grey
And my feelings are more vulnerable with every breath I take
The deeper that I decide dive in, the easier it is to swim
Flying like Icarus, I often end up too close to the sun
But we all find it impossible to fall or drown when survival instincts kick in
Learning to love who we are, what we have become and all that we have achieved in this life
Should we be asking why, when there are other more important mysteries left to be solved?
Silence should amplify the voice of our self-confidence, not just our fears and doubts
Everyone deserves happiness when their acts of kindness are indeed selfless
We can find our own real selves but only if we are willing to ignore egos and put others first
If you truly know yourself well enough, your name is the most powerful thing at your disposal
With it you can dispel hate, casting away demons that threaten to consume you
Filling your heart with noble deeds, dreams and positive thoughts
There is always room deep inside to let in even more light
There is always another chance to let our dreams take flight
We should never stop listening to the advice given from within our sensitive hearts
Braving our own uncharted waters, unafraid to take on the challenges of the high seas
Words that speak to the very core of our souls
With nature’s splendour above and below giving us strength, courage and balance
A partner’s kiss is truly the best way to appreciate the sound of silence


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