So, about my post that has 45,047 comments…

Wow! This post by my good friend Art has nearly reached 50,000 comments! Pop over there yourself and join in the fun with some comments yourself, surely he will be making history soon, if not already!

Pouring My Art Out

Visit it. It is right over there, at the top of the sidebar on the right.

I do not suggest that you visit the comment post for my own benefit. Everyone should go there. You can vent, you can rant and rave, make friends, make points, make mischief, make waves, make someone’s day, make declarations and proclamations, make a fuss, make a scene, make a fool of yourself… or someone else, make suggestions, make mountains out of molehills, make this a better world, make up your mind, make a commitment, make a decision, and even make a place for yourself in history. Hell, you can even make a grilled cheese sandwich. As far as I know, nobody has shared recipes in here, so make my day and make a meal!


There, I tried to make a link to get you there. Did it work? I am a…

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