Poem / Poetry – “Taking Euphoria For Granted”

Hello lovers of the humble sonnet
It’s me, your host TooFullToWrite
I’ve crafted this sexy little beast
I really hope you think it’s nice

So come with me on this journey
Full of excitement, wonder and awe
And if you don’t like it, then split
Don’t let your ass get hit by the door!

Enjoy the poem friends – you are the wind beneath my wings, without you, none of this would be possible and life would be very boring indeed!


Taking Euphoria For Granted (by David Ellis)

Instances build tension and then release
Ragged in nature, allocated, jigsaw piece
Adhering to a structure, layered in chaos
Rigid, inhibited until it’s simply ridiculous

Facing off to fearsome characters alone
Archetypal of a stereotypical TV show
Sinister undertones, underdog vindication
Riddles, questions manifest without reason

Throwing bouquets right into the firing line
Trust that’s contextual, ineffectual, contrived
Balance can represent a worthy challenge if
You’re an ignorant bystander in your own life

The monsters that we feed in our psyche
Grow stronger gorging on our own apathy
Burden of proof buried, lying deep within us
To start from scratch as brand new beginners

Brewing a fusion of blood, sweat and tears
Friendship through kismet, kinship, it endures
Playing through each other, a solid symphony
Harnessing the eclectic, an energetic epiphany

Struggling in our bubbles, yearning to be free
Chained, scars remain, flaunted so gloriously
Old fashioned values, extremely rare currency
An ancient fallacy in times of wanton frugality

At the heart of it all, the beating of its core
Persnickety in nature, destined to be flawed
Austerity of the moment, fleeting concerto
An elusive euphoria can be a formidable foe

Appropriate to appreciate how good it can be
Stumbling, head over heels, love’s debauchery
Perfect imperfection, with flaws to be seized
For what is love if not at times misconceived


7 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Taking Euphoria For Granted”

  1. “Adhering to a structure, layered in chaos”, “Perfect imperfection, with flaws to be seized” and “Struggling in our bubbles, yearning to be free” …..great lines just to name a few. Very nicely done 🙂

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