Daily Prompt – Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Elementary My Dear, Watkins”

Daily Prompt – Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
by Michelle W. on February 4, 2013

“You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?”

A true fact for you.

I was named after David Bowie. And David Bowie wrote Changes:-

[David Bowie performs Changes]

What a cool prompt – let’s make a story out of it.


Elementary My Dear, Watkins (by David Ellis)

Larry straightened his tie and frowned at himself in the mirror.

“These Windsor knots are a pain in the ar….”

“Larry! Watch your language around Monique please!”

“I was going to say arms, honey!”

Larry smiled at Jessica – she knew she couldn’t get mad at him. He was a brave, good, kind, sensitive man and she loved him dearly.

It was Larry’s first new day as a teacher at Watkins Elementary School. The only fires he would be fighting now would be in the hearth of his own front living room.

All he had ever known was being a fireman. His Dad had been a fireman and his Father had also been a fireman before him. But he knew he had to make the change. For the sake of his family and for his own health, after much soul searching, he decided that teaching was the way forward. He had been doing a home study course for the past few months and now he felt the time was right to take the plunge.

Jessica gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“You’ll be great Larry, just you wait and see.”

Larry grabbed Jessica and kissed her passionately, eliciting a groan at knee height.

“Sheesh, get a room you two lovebirds!”

“Don’t you worry Monique, I’ll get my revenge when you start chasing boys! In fact I may end up chasing them too – straight out the hallway and down the road if they’re not suitable!”

Monique blew her tongue out at her Father and raced out the door for school.

“It’s a good thing that she doesn’t go to Watkins – I see enough of her every day as it is.”

“I know you’re teasing Larry. It’s a shame that she doesn’t though, since she doesn’t know anyone at her new school. I’m sure that will change at some point in the near future. Anyway, stop stalling now or you’ll be late for class – go and show them what you’re made of!”

Larry kissed Jessica on the cheek and headed off to his car.

The drive was fairly uneventful, except for a rogue squirrel that nearly caused him to flip his vehicle like The Dukes of Hazzard. This did his already jangling nerves no good at all but as he drove closer to Watkins, he thought of Jessica and the faith that she had instilled in him, which gave him serenity and confidence.

As he pulled up into his parking space, he noticed a young boy weeping by the side of the road.

Larry jumped out of his car and sat by the boy.

“Few things in life are worth crying about son. Why so sad?”

The boy looked up.

“Didn’t you used to be a fireman Mister?”

“It’s Larry and yes I did used to be one son. I’m a teacher now, it’s my first day. How did you know I used to be a fireman? What’s your name?” Larry held out his hand expectantly.

“Dennis.” Dennis shook Larry’s hand gently. “Saw your picture in the paper.” He snivelled and wiped his nose on his sleeve.

“So what has got you so upset Dennis?”

“Well Mist..Larry sir, it’s my first day too and I don’t have any friends or know anybody here!”

“Well you do now son – we’re both in the same boat.”

“But I’m not sure that I will fit in with all the other children Mr Larry sir!”

“No need to be anxious lad, you can’t do everything at once. You have to do things little by little, take it nice and slow but steady – soon you’ll be making friends in no time. Be like water and just go with the flow!”

Dennis started to cheer up considerably.

“Did you learn that when you were a fireman Mr Larry sir?”

“Nope, I learnt it from watching Bruce Lee films – I also found out a thing or two about kicking down doors in burning buildings!”

Dennis chuckled. “So why did you want to become a teacher Mr Larry sir?”

“Because I couldn’t be a fireman anymore son. I’ve been on the business end of one too many fires and it’s been bad for my health. I want to spend more time with my family. I still want to help people though, which lead me to choosing to become a teacher. We have to treat change as our friend rather than our enemy Dennis. You want to be accepted by the people in school? It’s about being a good friend to them and being willing to embrace change, you do both of those things and people will come to you.

“I think you will make a great teacher Mr Larry sir.”

“Thanks son. You know, I have a daughter about your age and I’m sure she would like to make new friends too.”

“I’d like that very much Mr Larry sir!”

So much for chasing them away from Monique… Larry thought.

And with that, the bell rang and they headed into class.


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