Daily Prompt – Undo – Rock & Roll It All the Way Back (An Online Mini-Musical)

Daily Prompt – Undo
by Michelle W. on February 21, 2013

“If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.”

Thanks for the great idea, rarasaur!

How are you all feeling tonight?

Feeling good I hope?

[Nina Simone – Feeling Good]

You know what I feel like doing?

How about a little musical number – take it away boys!


Rock & Roll It All the Way Back (by David Ellis)

I got a wonderful feeling, I got a spring in my step, my legs they just keep on tingling, it’s time to find something to un-invent!

There must be alot of creatures, things to return to the sender, like bad marriages, bad weather and having to pay so much damn reeeeeeent…

“What if you have a mortgage, David?”
“Same thing. Quit bothering me, I’m singing!”
“OK then!”

Global warming should be fired into space, so the earth is no longer a giant microwave, space is mostly cold and in need of a good warming up, so let’s toast that sucker and give the sun a deserved day oooooooff!

Also! While we’re on the topic of the environment…..

They should unscrew all the nuclear warheads, throw them into the sea, when the water starts glowing orange, time to rethink our strategyyyyyyyy…

“David, Mr David sir!”
“What is it little Timmy?”
“What about all the fishies Mr David, where will they go when the sea is contintaminanated?”
“That’s quite a big word for such a small boy. Well Timmy, we’ll have to un-invent them too, it’s the humane thing to do.”
“But doesn’t the culpability lie with us Mr David, we are the ones that are destroying this earth with our weapons and our presence, almost to the point where we could become a dystopian society in the wink of an eye and…..”
“That’s real cute Timmy, now take this lollipop and clear off!”

Source:- Ents24.com

I got a wonderful feeling, I got a bounce in my stride, I would undo simply lots of things, like unraveling the sweater of time (it looks ugly on me and I can’t be on time to save my life anyway so….)

I’d un-invent queues, less time for waiting in line at the bar and those squeaky wheels on trolleys, I’d blast them apart like butter…

I’d do away with jealousy, envy, hatred and spite then when everyone is as plain as a shade of white, I’ll trick them into picking a fiiiiiight…

“That’s not a nice thing to do!”
“Always the price you pay when you take something away.”
“I cannot fault your masterful logic!”
“Thanks very much, I’ll be here all week!”

I got a wonderful feeling, nothing can bring me down, when you look at the alternatives, they are the talk of the tooooooooooown…

“So what are our alternatives?”
“Besides growing fat, getting old and dying? There’s love I suppose.”
“What if we could un-invent death?”
“What, then everything goes on forever?”
“How tedious – pass the biscuits!”

Yes there’s lots of things that we could take the hammer to, that we wish that we could undo but if we didn’t have things that we regreeeett then how could we appreciate the years that we have leeeeefffffft…

So don’t take what you have for granted because things could be a whole lot worse, use your days to do some good for others and put the hurt in reverse, if we only do this then I think we will have some use…..

Besides eating ice cream and having a good time of course 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Undo – Rock & Roll It All the Way Back (An Online Mini-Musical)

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    • Once again thank you Uzoma my friend for your kind words – to get people to make the connection and comment is the greatest thrill in the world, as I am sure you well know!

  2. It’s lovely and fresh to hear your voice at the end of my day (when I come home to read blogs). It makes me smile. Keep up the great posts! (and the videos, I heart YouTube videos!)

    • Thanks for that Jay, very nice of you to say so. I do like to include as many Youtube links as I can, best way to introduce people to new things. Hope to keep entertaining you as best I can!

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